Formovie P1 laser projector, for home theater

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Formovie P1 laser-projector, for home theater house

The domestic entertainment segment in terms of content is advancing at breakneck speeds, providing the user with a large number of sources and possibilities. In this increasingly versatile scenario, TV remains a bit small, not because it does not have impressive technological capabilities, which it does, but because it is difficult to fluently manage all the sources that today are offered. To expand the possibilities of reproducing quality content, domestic projectors have arrived, which have reduced their size, enlarged the image area being reproduced and, above all, they have significantly increased quality.

At this juncture the company Formoviehas completed a good product catalogue, with models positioned in different price segments, some of which EL PERIODICO has recently explained. On this occasion, the news comes from the hand of a portable laser model with a very affordable price: the P1, characterized by its small size, careful design (to be able to integrate it into the home), but prepared&nbsp ;to satisfy entertainment needs, business trips, office or at home. The Formovie P1 pocket laser projector can project a huge screen, providing a complete viewing experience.

Applied technologies

Uses laser display technology to create a full-size display. This will be ALPD, which is used in laser projection movie theaters. The brightness of P1 is 800 ANSI lumens and it supports 1080P resolution to deliver crystal-clear images. When you are When in use, the projection size can be adjusted depending on the scene, from 40 inches to 100 inches.

It uses a type C power supply, which makes it very comfortable to use, since this type of source is compatible with the power supply. today available in any home. Supports wireless projection as well that if before you had to go to the cinema to enjoy the big screen, now it can also be done at home.

An outstanding fact is that Formovie P1 does not need a remote control. It is adjusted via the physical buttons on the fuselage, making it unnecessary to carry additional devices when used outside the home. 

Important Values

This equipment It takes a qualitative leap compared to other protectors due to its manageable size and the quality of the laser projection.

It provides good projection performance and adapts to different types of scenes.

It has a delicate but very resistant body.

Characteristics and assessment

It allows you to enjoy an optimal viewing experience with an ultra-light size equipment. It displays images up to 100”.

It is ALPD laser technology that offers bright, energy-efficient projected images with a wide color gamut. 

Comparatively speaking, it is 200% brighter than other projectors of the same size. Provides good viewing even in daylight.

Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows devices, for TV shows, sporting events, games and movies with wireless connection. mbric. Smartphone connectivity.

Clean, compact and modern design, allowing you to take it almost anywhere. Very light.

Product Specifications

Colour: Black

Light Source: Laser

Throw Ratio: 1.2:1

Auto Vertical Correction

Contrast: 600:1

Interface: HDMI 1.4*1, USB2.0 *1, Headphone

Wireless Screen Casting: Support

Weight: 0.3kg

Screen: 0.23″DMD< /p>

Native Resolution: 960*540P (qHD)

Image Size: 40″ to 100″

Brightness: 800 ANSI Im

Speakers: Built-in speaker

Power connector: PD type C

Power consumption: ≤ 30W

Price: 329 euros