Formula 1: Schumacher experiences the first shock moment – but still achieves a mini-victory

Formula 1: Schumacher experiences the first shock moment – but still achieves a mini-victory

Formula 1: Schumacher experiences the first shock moment – but still achieves a mini-victory

The 2021 season in Formula 1 has started. Bahrain had a lot to offer – Mick Schumacher directly beat his teammate Nikita Mazepin.

Update from March 28, 7:34 p.m .: The first race is over – and it was extremely spectacular! In the end – as usual – Lewis Hamilton won. From a German point of view, it was a used day. Sebastian Vettel was penultimate, Mick Schumacher last. After all, both made it to the finish – in contrast to four other drivers.

Vettel crashed and Schumacher also had problems. The tires were a real challenge. After the race, he explained his little mishap in the early stages of the race: “With cold wheels too early on the gas – then there was a spin.” In contrast to team mate Nikita Mazepin, he brought the stubborn Haas to the finish – first victory for Schumi junior!

Formula 1 in Bahrain: Here the first race is on TV and in the stream

First report from March 25th: Munich – The start of a Formula 1 season is always particularly exciting. Because the true balance of power is only revealed in qualifying and in the race. Because the Australian Grand Prix was postponed to November this year as a result of the corona pandemic, the start will take place in Bahrain this time. The race can be seen live on TV and also in the live stream – albeit not for free.

On the last weekend in March, the run will take place in Sakhir, it will be the 18th edition. Last season there were even two races within a week on the Bahrain International Circuit – with different routes. The second was officially the Sakhir Grand Prix. Both races will be remembered forever by the fans.

Formula 1 in Bahrain: memories of Grosjeans fire accident and Perez’s maiden victory

In the first, Romain Grosjean touched Daniil Kvjat’s Alpha Tauri with his Haas car after take-off and flew off. When it hit the edge of the track, the racing car went up in flames and broke in two, but the Frenchman only got burns.

A week later, Sergio Perez, completely surprisingly, took the victory at Racing Point after he had even fallen back to the bottom of the field in the meantime. It was the first F1 racing success for the Mexican in his tenth year.

Formula 1 in Bahrain: Russell’s star as a Hamilton replacement rises

George Russell, who took over the Mercedes from Corona-infected Lewis Hamilton at short notice and drove it to second place on the grid, also caused a stir that weekend. In the race, the young Brit, who actually drove for Williams, seemed to be hurrying away from everyone, but a failed pit stop deprived him of the well-deserved reward for his brilliant performance. Since this performance at the latest, it seems clear that the future of the series winner will belong to him.

Record winners in Bahrain are Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel with four triumphs each. The record world champion also won the official Bahrain Grand Prix 2020 – the first of the two races in Sakhir.

Video: Lineup at the Bahrain Grand Prix

Formula 1 in Bahrain: three rookies and returnees Alonso new to the field

Three drivers will celebrate their Formula 1 debut. Mick Schumacher, son of record world champion Michael, and Nikita Mazepin from Russia form the new duo of the US Haas team, at Alpha Tauri the Japanese Yuki Tsunoda climbs into the cockpit for the first time for a race weekend.

In addition, the two-time world champion Fernando Alonso is back. He will compete for Renault’s successor Alpine. Aston Martin is also making a comeback. The new Vettel team took over the license from Racing Point. The traditional British brand took part in the early days of Formula 1 with its own team, but withdrew in 1960.

On the race weekend, Aston Martin will also provide the safety car and medical car for the first time, which will be used in the event of accidents or other incidents. Like the two cars of the racing team, these are painted green.

The Bahrain Grand Prix and with it the 2021 season starts today at 5 p.m. The race will not be broadcast on free TV.

Formula 1 2021: The Bahrain Grand Prix live on Pay TV on Sky today

This season, too, all races can be seen live on the pay TV channel Sky. Subscribers can choose between different channels: Sky Sport UHD, Sky Sport 2 HD and the new motorsport channel Sky Sport F1 HD broadcast qualifying and Grand Prix live. For the hunt for the starting places, Sky goes on the air on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. on TV. The transfer takes two hours.

Today, the preliminary coverage of the 1st World Championship run also starts at 3.30 p.m. on TV, and the race will be broadcast from 4.55 p.m. From 6.45 p.m. 45 minutes are scheduled for interviews and analyzes before the press conference after the race is shown at 7.30 p.m. For Sky is Sascha Roos in action as a commentator.

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Formula 1 2021: The Bahrain Grand Prix today in the live stream on Sky Go

Sky customers also have the option of watching the race on the go – for example on their cell phone, tablet or laptop. Because the Unterföhringen company also provides one Live-Stream available via Sky Go. The corresponding app is available from the Google Play Store or iTunes. The Bahrain Grand Prix can also be viewed via Sky Ticket be streamed – you can take out a subscription here (promotional link).

Bahrain Grand Prix: An overview of the TV broadcast and live stream

March 26, 202112.30 p.m.1. Free practiceSky Sport F1 HDSkyGo, F1 TV
March 26, 20214 p.m.2. Free practiceSky Sport F1 HDSkyGo, F1 TV
March 27, 20211 p.m.3. Free practiceSky Sport F1 HDSkyGo, F1 TV
March 27, 20214 p.m.QualifyingSky Sport F1 HD, Sky Sport UHD, Sky Sport 2 HDSkyGo, F1 TV
March 28, 20215 p.m.runSky Sport F1 HD, Sky Sport UHD, Sky Sport 2 HDSkyGo, F1

Formula 1 2021: The Bahrain Grand Prix today in the live ticker

This year, too, we will be accompanying the races for the Formula 1 World Cup in the live ticker. You won’t miss an important scene here. (mg)

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Formula Schumacher experiences shock moment achieves minivictory

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