Fortnite will better identify compatible gaming partners


Fortnite will better identify compatible play partners

Darth Vader is the newest 'boss' to land on Fortnite Island.

It will soon be easier to determine the compatibility of other players in the popular online game Fortnite, according to what was announced on Tuesday publisher Epic Games on the heels of its battle royale mode update 21.10.

The new Social Tags feature, which is currently in the development phase. #x27;trial, will allow you to communicate to your potential and potential gaming partners your video game inclinations.

These labels indicate, for example, your preferred game mode, the atmosphere you your favorite and your favorite competitive event.

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The main narrative novelty that comes out of the update is the arrival on the island of Fortnite of a new boss, which sucks other than Darth Vader, flanked by his loyal Stormtroopers.

Those who manage to find and neutralize him can grab his lightsaber, which has offensive properties as well than defensive.

With information from The Verge


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