“Forty-year-old” won the hearts of viewers. His romance with a famous singer aroused a lot of emotions


The series “Cztertymolatek” is popular among viewers.

 & quot; The forty-year-old

According to the “Super Express” portal, 47 years. Despite this, the production still enjoys a great sentiment among viewers who are happy to return to the fate of engineer Stefan Karwowski, played by Andrzej Kopiczyński.

The series “Czter 30olatek” still has a group of fans

The series “Czter 30olatek” has gained enormous popularity among viewers who eagerly followed the fate of engineer Karwowski. The protagonist experiences a midlife crisis. The man not only tries to quit smoking, but also gets into an affair with a younger woman. It was the popularity of the series that made the film “I am butterfly, or a forty-year-old romance” made.

Irena Jarocka, who is a well-known fan of the Polish music scene, appeared in the film. She played the role of the singer Irena Orska. It is between Orska and Karwowski that the feeling is born. Together they go on a trip outside the city, where the engineer confesses his love to his mistress in a rush of feelings.

& quot; Forty-year-old & quot; won the hearts of viewers. His romance with the famous singer aroused a lot of emotions

Terrified by his confession, the singer runs away and this is how the romance of “Forty-year-old” ends, which & oacute; ry decides to tell his wife the whole truth about what happened between him and Orska.

Continuation of “The Forty-Year-Old”

In 1993, Jerzy Gruza decided to return to the heroes he had created. During that time, the series “Czterięćolatek. 20 lat later” was created. In the new episodes we find Karwowski when he loses his job. His daughter is the wife of a well-known businessman, and his son has children from different mothers.

The project, however, only got 15 episodes, because the series was not so enthusiastically received as expected. Some experts in the subject point out that the series was created at the wrong moment – it was at that time that Poles had the opportunity to meet American series that fascinated the viewer and drew them completely, being a story about a completely different world.

 & quot; Forty-year-old & quot; he won the hearts of the viewer. His romance with the famous singer aroused many emotions

; any further sequels?


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