Found a new way to fight alcohol addiction

A single dose of ketamine may help to reduce alcohol consumption.

Найден новый способ побороть алкогольную зависимость

Scientists from University College London said that a single dose of ketamine can help fight alcohol addiction by reducing the amount of alcohol consumed.

According to the researchers, the injection of ketamine after the resumption of the memories associated with alcohol, reduce craving for alcohol and reduce the amount of consumed alcohol for nine months.

In the study, researchers took part 90 people with severe alcohol dependence, who preferred to drink beer. They had, but they were not diagnosed with alcoholism, and they had no treatment. On average, study participants drank 74 units of alcohol per week (one unit equals 10 grams of pure alcohol), five times more than the recommended limit.

Participants were given a glass of beer and said that they will be able to drink it after you run the job. Volunteers rated their desire to drink, and then they showed pictures with different drink, after seeing that they had to estimate the expected level of enjoyment from it.

On the first day of the experiment, participants were allowed to drink beer, and secondly – no, taking a glass without warning. It is known that it should start in the brain processes that form the memory of the reward. However, on the third day of the third volunteers were injected with ketamine, which works on a reward system, preventing the formation of long-term dependence. The results of the 10-day observation confirmed that the drug reduced the desire to drink alcohol. The effect persisted for nine months.

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