Foundry Statement: Concerned Citizens Challenge City Council

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Certificate from the Foundry: concerned citizens challenge the municipal council

The council of the City of Rouyn-Noranda met in regular session on November 28, 2022.

The council of the City of Rouyn-Noranda wishes to have the precise date of the renewal of the Industrial sanitation certificate for the Horne Foundry .

This is what Mayor Diane Dallaire said Monday evening to local representatives of the Mothers at the Front movement, who are worried that Quebec is delaying disclosure of the document.

The government plans to impose a ceiling of 15 nanograms of arsenic per cubic meter of air (ng/m³) within 5 years in the new authorization eagerly awaited by citizens.

At the city council meeting, the mayor said her administration does not know when the government will release the new document.

We are still really waiting for a specific date. We have contact with the State administrator because as she also speaks to several other stakeholders too, but really the precise date of the certificate at the time we speak, we do not know. Not, explains the mayor.

We can't wait to see the certificate, what it will contain, but in the meantime, the company is at work, it's what we are confirmed, adds the first official of the municipality.

The Ministry of the Environment promises to make public the certificate of the Horne Foundry before the end of the year.

The dossier for the renewal of the collective agreements unionized workers from the City of Rouyn-Noranda also attended the council meeting.

Several dozen white-collar and blue-collar workers were present to denounce the slowness negotiations with the City.

Unionized employees of Rouyn-Noranda were present at the municipal council on November 28, 2022.

The two parties have been meeting since last May and do not agree on several issues, including the salary issue.

Asked to comment on the issue, Mayor Diane Dallaire limited herself to telling the employees present that she did not wish to intervene in the negotiation.

I really want people [to know] how valuable our employees are to both the board and management, she said. Then we really thank them for all the exceptional work they do, then also in the service of the citizens, it is important. I said it, I'll say it again, that's what I said earlier [during the meeting].

Now you will understand that in the negotiation process, the council will not intervene in the negotiation process, insists the mayor.

The union representative at the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Geneviève Carrier

The union adviser to the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Geneviève Carrier, affirms that the municipality is not making the necessary efforts to retain its workforce.

In front of the members of council , she mentioned that there have been 102 vacancies since the beginning of the year.

She says in passing that the response of the mayor does not x27; is not likely to satisfy employees.

“It's true that we don't want to negotiate in the public square, but I would have liked a little more benevolence towards her municipal function [the mayor]. I don't believe the members in the room tonight, that's what they heard. »

— Geneviève Carrier

The discourse we hear at the table is that if we do not manage to answer our demands is that the elected officials have given the management negotiating committee a certain mandate, and when I hear the mayor respond very vaguely as she did, I wonder whether x27;there are really discussions going to elected officials to resolve the impasse, she says.

Blue collar and white collar workers have voted in favor of a mandate to initiate pressure tactics that could go as far as a general strike.

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