Four ways to remove a ring from a swollen finger


    July 29, 2022, 08:37 | Science and technology

    Detailed instructions.

    Four ways to help remove a ring from a swollen finger< /p>

    Probably, each of us is familiar with the situation when the ring refuses to come off the finger, no matter how much it is pulled. If the finger has already begun to swell, mechanical efforts can only make it worse. But these tools will definitely help – try it and see for yourself, informs Ukr.Media.

    If the situation allows, do not try to remove the ring from your finger, but wait a few days until the swelling subsides. Did the jewelry pinch your finger and cause severe discomfort? It's time to try one of these proven methods.

    But: if the finger starts to turn blue and lose sensitivity, do not wait, but urgently seek help from the rescue service or an ambulance.


    You will need any oily or viscous liquid. It can be dishwashing liquid, shampoo, petroleum jelly, butter or vegetable oil. Work the skin around and under the jewelry and move the ring up and down, right and left, so that the lubricant is well distributed over the skin. Then try to remove the ring, but do not pull the jewelry, but gently move it, constantly scrolling around the finger.

    Dental floss

    Even rescue service specialists use this proven method. You will need dental floss – you need it to create a “cushion” on which the ring will move – and a regular wooden toothpick.

    Step one. Lift the ring with a toothpick, thread the thread under it and tightly wind it on the finger to the joint, leaving the edge of the thread free. Make sure that the bandage does not disturb the circulation, and the finger does not bruise.

    Step two.Taking hold of the free edge of the thread under the ring, begin to unwind it, moving the ring up the finger. The process may take several minutes, but the ornament should move to a comfortable position. If this did not happen, and the finger began to go numb, cut the thread urgently.

    Cold water

    Cold helps reduce tissue swelling. Hold your hand in a container of water with a few ice cubes added for several minutes. Then try to remove the decoration. If necessary, repeat the procedure again.

    Hands up

    This method will come in handy if the finger is not swollen at all. Raise your hand above your shoulder and hold it in this position for about 5-10 minutes, so that the blood drains from the fingers and the swelling decreases.

    And finally, some useful tips:

    • Try not to panic and do not jerk the jewelry with sudden movements.
    • Perhaps, at this moment, none of the methods will help. Wait a few days and try again.
    • Sometimes the ring cannot be removed because of folds of skin that form in the joint area. In this case, you need to stretch the skin with your fingers, pulling it out from under the jewelry.
    • If you have a superfile (miniature file), you can cut the ring yourself without calling the rescue service. Just don't forget to put a piece of tissue under the tool to avoid accidentally injuring the skin.
    • If the situation is repeated often, reduce fluid intake or consult a doctor about swelling.


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