France: Jordan Bardella replaces Marine Le Pen at the head of the National Rally

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France: Jordan Bardella replaces Marine Le Pen at the head of the National Rally

Jordan Bardella, the newly elected president of France's far-right National Rally (RN) party, at the party's 18th congress in Paris, November 5, 2022

In the midst of a controversy over a deputy accused of racism, Jordan Bardella was elected president of the National Rally (RN), the main French far-right party on Saturday, and thus succeeds Marine Le Pen, who came second. in the French presidential election in April.

The 27-year-old MEP is the first leader of this party not to bear the name of the Le Pen family dynasty. Indeed, it was in 1972 that Jean-Marie Le Pen founded the National Front, which became the National Rally, led by his daughter Marine Le Pen.

This succession occurs in the midst of a racist incident triggered on Thursday by a member of his party in the National Assembly, who launched Let him go back to Africa! as a radical left black MP spoke of a migrant boat in distress in the Mediterranean.

This incident undermines the strategy of trivialization of the party that Jordan Bardella has promised to pursue, especially since the sanctioned deputy, Grégoire de Fournas, has regularly shown his support for the elected candidate with nearly 85% of the votes. voice in front of Louis Aliot, ex-companion of Marine Le Pen.

In aiming for the camp of good, Marine Le Pen seemed to refer to it during a speech by x27; farewell to the presidency by pointing out lies, disloyalty, maneuver and shame. Adversity, it is more necessary to face it and fight it than to comment on it and to undergo it, she affirmed before the Congress of the party.

Jordan Bardella succeeds Marine Le Pen, who leaves her place after more than ten years at the head of the party.

Marine Le Pen, who achieved a record score of 41.5% in the second round against Emmanuel Macron last April, is stepping back after eleven years at the head of the party while saying she wants to continue her work and her political fight, without excluding a fourth candidacy.

There is still a lot to do […]. I remain mobilized more than ever, she declared before the results of the internal election.

Jordan Bardella, companion of a niece of Marine Le Pen and rising star of the French far right, has repeatedly indicated that he intends to support her for a new presidential candidacy in 2027.

It is therefore above all a question, for Marine Le Pen, of freeing herself from sometimes thankless internal tasks while the epicenter of the RN is now in the National Assembly, where the deputy of Pas-de- Calais (northern France) shines on a large group of 89 elected officials (out of 577), ten times more than in previous elections.

The RN has become the leading party in #x27;opposition in a hemicycle where the Macronists have lost the absolute majority and where the alliance of left-wing parties NUPES has some 150 seats.

Marion Maréchal, 32, niece of the far-right leader and long considered the heir to the family, was not in the running. She left the party before the 2022 presidential election for Reconquest, an economically more liberal movement led by former polemicist Éric Zemmour, her aunt's rival, who won 7% in the presidential election.

If Marine Le Pen has refused any alliance with Reconquest, Jordan Bardella's links with identitarians and his indulgence towards those who left the party to join Éric Zemmour have often been the subject of criticism.

His competitor Louis Aliot castigated in a forum last month the identitarians and, above all, the followers of the great replacement, a racist and conspiracy theory defended by Éric Zemmour, which Jordan Bardella took over in August 2021.

In mid-October, he considered participating in a controversial protest organized by Reconquête after the murder of a 12-year-old girl by an Algerian under the blow of an eviction order before waiving it in extremis.

Jordan Bardella, who must speak at the end of the day, intends with the RN to take advantage of a rise of the far right in the European Union, recently illustrated by r the victory in the Italian legislative elections of Giorgia Meloni, head of the post-fascist party Fratelli d'Italia, who became head of government.

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