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France Travail: 43 million users threatened by a huge cyberattack

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“Following a cyberattack of which we were victims with Cap emploi, personal information concerning you may be disclosed. Your banking information is not affected. We are sorry for this incident and we invite you to remain vigilant”, warns France Travail on its home page Wednesday March 13, 2024.

In total, 43 million users are affected – with details of the stolen data including first and last name, social security numbers, date of birth, France Travail identifier, email address and telephone number. The agency emphasizes that any banking data in its possession is not part of the scope of the stolen data. As are user passwords.

France Travail victim of unprecedented hacking

However: the file allows you to directly link the social security number, date of birth, first and last name of the user, with their telephone number and email address . This could lead to fears of an avalanche of particularly pernicious phishing attempts over the coming months. Indeed, with this data, it becomes very easy to convince an Internet user that they are indeed receiving an official communication.

Enough to push him to reveal other even more sensitive data – including their banking information. “Persons previously registered over the last 20 years as well as people not registered on the list of job seekers, but having a candidate space on francetravail.fr are likely to be disclosed and “be exploited illegally”, continues the agency.

This is not the first time that the service formerly known as Pôle Emploi has been the victim of a cyberattack – but the potential scale of that which has just taken place should remain in the annals. As our colleagues at BFMTV recall, at the end of January, the data of 33 million people was exposed by an attack targeting two external service providers.

Last summer, a subcontractor responsible for digitizing user data was also the victim of a hack. The investigation is ongoing – At the same time, a procedure has been launched with the CNIL, which will individually inform victims of hacking of the procedure to follow. Given the scale of the leak and the potential risks, we recommend that you avoid acting directly after receiving an email or SMS.

And instead check everything independently, for example by going yourself directly to the site to which the communication in your name refers (by typing its address, without clicking on a link). Installing a powerful antivirus like the Bitdefender Total Security suite can also help you block malicious domains associated with phishing attempts.

  • France Travail reveals that it was the victim of a massive hack which led to the leak of very sensitive data of 43 million users.
  • The data do not include banking information, but can largely facilitate phishing attempts.
  • French Internet users are called upon to be extremely vigilant when over the next few months.

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