Franciszek Pieczka has a nice holiday. His son betrayed everything


The 94-year-old actor was “killed” some time ago by dishonest websites, which was quickly denied by the son of a Polish cinema legend.

Franciszek Pieczka is spending his holidays pleasantly. His son has revealed everything

Now the media reports that Franciszek Pieczka, enjoying his great condition, has a nice time with his loved ones.

Franciszek Pieczka he spends his holidays surrounded by nature and his beloved grandson

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Piotr Pieczka did not hide his indignation, denying the terrible rumors about the death of his father, one of the greatest legends of Polish cinema. While talking to journalists, he denied the false reports and told about his dad's summer travels, who turned 94 this year.

Let no one think that the old actor has gotten used to the lockdown restrictions and still hangs around in the four walls, waiting for his end. Nothing could be more wrong, as his son Piotr Pieczka confirmed when talking to journalists about the disgusting rumor that Franciszek Pieczka died.

This summer the senior could finally devote himself to holiday expeditions, which ; re has passed the nose of many Poles in the last two years. Despite the constant media hints about new plagues, the brave senior is in good shape, spending his holidays in a forester's lodge, on the Baltic Sea, where, according to information from Piotr's son, he will go in August.

Just after two weeks we returned from the forester. There, as every year, one part of the holiday. And in August he will be resting on the Baltic Sea – Mr. Piotr said in a telephone conversation – We have just had dinner and dad is talking with his grandchildren about the times that surround us – added the actor's son.

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