Franciszek Pieczka saw what was written about him on the Internet. The 94-year-old had tears in his eyes. What is it about


The actor could not control these emotions …

 Franciszek Pieczka saw what was written about him on the Internet. The 94-year-old had tears in his eyes. it is

Franciszek Pieczka is an undisputed legend of Polish cinema and the glass screen. This old actor went down in the history of Polish culture, creating unforgettable creations in cult series.

The son of Franciszek Pieczka could not stand it. He showed his father what they wrote about him in “those internet”

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Born in Głogów on January 18 In 1928, Franciszek Maksymilian Pieczka was the youngest of six children of Waleria and Franciszek.

Even as a little boy, he was very interested in cinema, which he attended on foot from Głogów all the way to Wodzisław Śląski. His acting debut took place at the Dolnośląski Theater, located in Jelenia Góra.

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As an old man, Franciszek Pieczka is not too interested in technological novelties or searching in the depths of the Internet. However, when his son Piotr Pieczka showed the truth to serial Gustlik, his eyes glazed with emotion.

As it turns out, there are many sincere signs of great respect for the actor and his creativity, as well as great gratitude for his work. This is another proof of how sensitive and modest a man this legendary Polish actor is.

The cult actor played for such directors as Andrzej Wajda in the film & ldquo; Generations & rdquo ;, Jerzy Zarzycki in the film & ldquo ; Lost feelings & rdquo ;, Jerzy Kawalerowicz in the film & ldquo; Mother Joanna of Anioł & oacute; in & rdquo;, or in the production & ldquo; Życie once again & rdquo; directed by Janusz Morgenstern.

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