François Legault apologizes to the widower of Joyce Echaquan | Elections Quebec 2022

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François Legault apologizes to the widower of Joyce Echaquan | &Elections Québec 2022

Francois Legault notes that his remarks about immigration or racism are often “misinterpreted”.

The leader of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ), François Legault, offered his apologies on Tuesday morning to the widower of Joyce Echaquan, Carol Dubé, who said he was shocked when the outgoing Prime Minister declared, during the Face-to-Face of TVA, that the situation was “settled” at the Joliette hospital.

Le leader caquiste, who is looking for #x27;a second term as head of state, took advantage of an announcement in Orford, Estrie, to reach out to Mr. Dubé, whose wife died after suffering racism from the part of the nurses of the establishment, almost two years ago.

Mr. Legault invited Mr. Dubé to meet him after the election to discuss. However, he did not want to commit to participating in the ceremony scheduled for September 28 to mark the two years of the death of Ms. Echaquan, saying he did not want to be a distraction.

But how to explain that Mr. Legault once again got entangled in such a situation? It's a delicate subject, me, I'm a rather direct guy, and sometimes it can be misinterpreted, he explained to the journalists. And then hey, we won't hide it, we have [the Liberal leader] Ms. Anglade who is also very negative and who adds to it.

Refusing for two years to pronounce the expression systemic racism, the head of the CAQ underlined during the Face-à-Face of TVA that his government had taken several gestures to restore the situation at l& #x27;Joliette hospital, where Ms. Echaquan died in September 2020.

I just spoke to her husband, [the problem] is solved!, he insisted.< /p>

However, the day after the debate, Mr. Dubé's lawyer had affirmed that this was not the case, explaining that if his client had indeed indicated to the Prime Minister that the appointment of x27;an Aboriginal in a management position at the CISSS de Lanaudière had led to improvements, he had never told him that the situation was resolved.

After reading another article on the subject in La Presse+ on Tuesday, Mr. Legault admitted in the morning that he may have been clumsy during the Face-à-Face of TVA.

I also want to tell Mr. Dubé and all Indigenous people that I am very aware that there are still problems to be solved [and] racism to be fought, he said.

Questioned in a scrum about the apologies made by François Legault to Carol Dubé, Liberal leader Dominique Anglade said she was extremely shocked when she read the article in < em>The Press+ this morning.

She said she put herself in the place of the widower of Joyce Echaquan who was refused by the Prime Minister. Where is humanity?, she asked, believing that it should be the basis of everything.

Dominique Anglade went further, saying in English that François Legault should also apologize for the last four years at the head of Quebec.

With information from Yannick Donahue

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