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François Legault fears “risks of reactions and overreactions” in matters of immigration

Photo: Graham Hughes Archives The Canadian Press The Premier of Quebec, François Legault

Thomas Laberge – The Canadian Press in Quebec

Published yesterday at 1:05 p.m.

  • Quebec

Fearing “risks of reactions and overreactions”, Prime Minister François Legault does not want Quebec to find itself in the same situation as the United States and France with regard to immigration .

“I think that Quebecers have always been welcoming, but we cannot accommodate 300,000 more people in two years. “It's exaggerated and brings risks of reactions or overreactions to the impacts on services, on French and on housing,” said the Prime Minister at a press briefing in Gaspésie on Friday.

“Hence the importance, in order not to find ourselves like in the United States or in France, of being balanced in the number of immigrants we welcome each year,” added François Legault

While the French far right is leading in the polls and Donald Trump could make a return to the White House, François Legault was questioned at to know if he feared a rise of the right in Quebec and Canada.

“Obviously we follow what is happening, not only in France, but in Europe . Mass immigration brings specific challenges,” he said.

Premier Legault has been hammering home that the “explosion” in the number of temporary immigrants in Quebec is putting a lot of pressure on public services and housing.

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