Frankly, Dmitry Shepelev about drugs, Janna Friske and new love (video)

Откровенно: Дмитрий Шепелев о наркотиках, Жанне Фриске и новой возлюбленной (видео)

Ksenia Sobchak pulled a Frank conversation quite closed, carefully preserving my personal life Dmitry Shepelev, who first confirmed his romance with Catherine Tulupova. TV presenter does not hide that he feared his “rightness”, and the boring.

Dima says like all right, but too not something to cling to. Here is the YouTube channel opened is not about group sex, but about the perfect dad. Direct sugar on the teeth, right? But it turned out that if to remove this protective film, there is nothing to dig deeper! There is a gunpowder in powder flasks and Tinder in my pocket!”, — said Sobchak, announcing the conversation.

Откровенно: Дмитрий Шепелев о наркотиках, Жанне Фриске и новой возлюбленной (видео)

Dmitry was very honest. He allowed Sobchak to his apartment, where he lives with Catherine and her daughter Lada and son of Jeanne Friske Plato. Have shown exciting son’s room, Pets Poo and Lou (in honor of Putin and Lukashenko). “Only ze is not enough”, — Dmitry joked.

By the way, he is still a citizen of Belarus and does not intend to apply for a new passport. Not feeling up to the end of his in Russia, though it works on the First channel, miraculously got a job that radically changed his life. A simple Belarusian guy first moved to Kiev, then moved to Moscow, had an affair with the beautiful singer Zhanna Friske.

Their relationship developed rapidly. “I made the offer. Jeanne said the agreement”, — said Dmitry. But the star of the wedding never took place. Jeanne had to fight with brain cancer. Alas, the insidious disease was stronger in summer of 2015 the singer did not.

Откровенно: Дмитрий Шепелев о наркотиках, Жанне Фриске и новой возлюбленной (видео)

Dmitry remembers the singer with the bright sadness, calls it “a delicate moth,” recalls their favorite Park where they often walked and where he now rides his bike their 6-year-old Plato.

Dmitri admits that he loves the son, pays him much attention, but does not consider himself the perfect father. He tries to do everything that the boy did not feel deprived of motherly love.

“I want him to understand that he has a mom. She is far away, he is unable to hug her, but he is not alone. So much photos to Jeanne. Try to talk about it, please environment not to talk about what she is actress, singer. Public side of her life, I want to separate that Plato felt that the mother is a real live person and not an image from the cover of the magazine”, — said Shepelev.

Откровенно: Дмитрий Шепелев о наркотиках, Жанне Фриске и новой возлюбленной (видео)

Ksenia was not spared the theme of the showdown parents Shepelev and Zhanna Friske, which had to divide the inheritance and to fight for Plato. Trial last and now. Grandparents do not communicate with her grandson, although the court determined the order of the meeting — an hour and a half twice a month.

On these visits they don’t come. But go to shows and tell you what I’m a bad father… I just want a child growing up in the calm, comfortable climate. He had a dramatic start in life. I have grandparents was the main requirement is not to publish photos of Plato and not to drag it on the television broadcast”, — said Shepelev.

He argues that the last two years, Jeanne had very little contact with his father.

“During his illness saw the father once. They had a difficult relationship. She was warned that it will spoil” — does not hide Dimitri.

Recall that one of the lawsuits filed Rusfond. The first channel has collected a huge amount for the treatment of Jeanne. Part of the money is really spent on treatment, the remaining amount required to return.

When Jeanne did not, it turned out that on her personal accounts — 0. And 21 million rubles also there. According to Bank records, the money for 3-5 days before her death were dismissed. Who did this? It is the parents. And grandson, as one of the heirs, becomes the debtor”, — said Shepelev. He repaid part of the debt, bought out the stake of Joan in their house. But the relationship with the father of Zhanna did not develop from the beginning.

On a first date with Plato, he shows up with a gun. To the Playground. He threatened me. In stepped the guard. Shudder to think what might happen then”, — with emotion tells Shepelev and remembers another occasion when almost hit.

When Plato returned home, we were waiting for five people and grandpa. Our eyes Plato beat the guard, broke his arm. This is a disgusting story. Plato will suffer. He will have to watch in YouTube these nasty programs”, — complains Shepelev and promises that in the future will be forced to tell her son the truth.

About new personal life Dmitry says with extreme caution. It is officially confirmed Sobchak, what with Catherine are a couple.

“Relationship for three years. Recently reached us that our first date was November 12. 12 Nov premiere of my project Folders. Katya architect and designer. And introduced us children. They went to the same kindergarten”, — he announced the official version.

Откровенно: Дмитрий Шепелев о наркотиках, Жанне Фриске и новой возлюбленной (видео)

But there was still familiarity in social networks, where usually takes pair.

“I’m flipping through Tinder pictures. There are my real pictures. When the same write to me, as a General rule: you do not wow*eat other people’s photos to put? Who do you freak? It’s me. Not PI*d, it’s not you. And here we are a couple with Kate coincided”, — so began their personal communication. Dmitry admits that for the first time experienced what a real family.

With Jeanne, it was so different, we used to travel a lot, it was the first time, a novelty, on the extraordinary emotions. Now a new experience, which is very dear. I am very grateful that I met this man. And it is good that this happened now, when I’m 36. If this happened in 3-5 years, not the fact that would agree with someone to live,” — said TV presenter.

Sobchak would not be myself if I hadn’t found in the biography of such a positive Shepeleva dark spots. He first admitted that he tried drugs.

“In adolescence have tried marijuana, cocaine. But it was once no longer used. I don’t like being not in control” — admitted Dmitry.

In a press there were rumors that the seven dwarfs made a proposal to Catherine and preparing for the wedding. In the network there was a scandal between a TV presenter and his colleague Leroy Kudryavtseva, who threatened to tell about it something pleasant.

and talk, how they live in Russia.

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