FRAPRU and Loge m'entraide ask Andrée Laforest for social housing

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FRAPRU and Loge m’entraide are asking Andrée Laforest for social housing

The joint demonstration of the Popular Action Front in Urban Redevelopment (FRAPRU) and Loge m'entraide took place in front of the offices of Minister Andrée Laforest.

A demonstration for the creation of social housing was held Monday afternoon in Saguenay in front of the offices of the Minister of Municipal Affairs, Andrée Laforest.

For the occasion, the Popular Action Front in Urban Redevelopment (FRAPRU) had brought an allegorical float. Objects illustrating the problems experienced by households and the urgency of building social housing have been placed there.

According to the organization Loge m'entraide, also on place, there should be 1,050 social housing units in Saguenay and Alma within five years.

The demonstration gave rise to vigorous exchanges.

We have 8,000 units built. We are committed to financing 15,000. […] Now, the rest, yes, we continue to build them, first indicated the one who was also Minister of Housing in the last mandate.

The message of this activist in favor of the construction of social housing was clear.

The situation is dramatic. These are real human tragedies that tenant households are experiencing at the moment. We cannot remain indifferent to it. It takes a minimum of 50,000 social housing units in five years, retorted Céline Magontier.

FRAPRU and Loge m'entraide are asking the Minister to renew the AccèsLogis program and to #x27;invest more in the next economic update. The Minister has promised to carry the message to Quebec.

We want the AccèsLogis program to be renewed, to have the assurance that it will be renewed on paper and not verbally because we have no proof and we also want it to be increased in terms of subsidies. It's not complicated. It's two things, explained the coordinator of Loge m'entraide, Sonia Côté.

FRAPRU continues its provincial tour until mid-February.

< p class="e-p">Based on a report by Mélissa Paradis

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