Fraudulent moving companies: Hundreds of charges filed

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Removal Companies ;fraudulent cleaning: hundreds of charges laid

Toronto police have been investigating this case for several months.

Toronto police have made multiple arrests and laid hundreds of charges in an investigation into a fraud scheme involving moving companies.

The police had been investigating the case for several months. In June, officers executed a search warrant against several moving companies in the Bellamy Road and Progress Avenue area of ​​Scarborough.

Investigators allege that two men bought and operated a series of moving companies, under various company names. When customers contacted these companies online, they would then receive a quote, offering a low-cost service contract.

However, according to the police, once the personal effects of the customers were loaded, the movers presented another contract to be signed by the customers, without a final amount. They would then withhold the customers' goods until the customers agreed to pay a much higher amount than the initial quote stated – thousands of dollars more, say the investigators.

Companies were threatening to sell customers' goods unless the higher amount was paid, and this has happened in some cases.

Three other people also face hundreds of charges. A 30-year-old man, a 29-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman from Toronto have all been charged with dozens of counts of obtaining under false pretenses, fraud over $5,000, possession of property obtained by crime, theft, fraud and attempted fraud.

According to investigators, all personal effects seized by the fraudsters have now been returned to customers. They remind the public to be careful when hiring a moving company, and to follow the advice of Ontario's Consumer Protection Program.

Here are the companies that received warrants in June:

  • Move Me Again Transportation Inc.

  • All You Can Move

  • Canadian Principal Movers

  • Safebound Moving & Storage

  • Roadway Moving & Storage

  • 12282569 Canada Inc.

  • All Over Canada Van Lines Inc.

  • East Coast Star Van Lines Inc.

  • Greenway Moving and Storage Inc .

  • Moonstar Van Lines Inc.

  • 13448037 Canada Inc.

  • O'Canada Movers

  • New Vision Movers.

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