Free coal for retirees and pensioners. Some of them can turn it into money

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Who is entitled to the cash equivalent for free coal?

 Free coal for pensioners. Some of them can convert it into money

According to the” Super Express “portal, some pensioners and pensioners ; w has the right to use free coal. Pursuant to the legal regulations currently in force, seniors entitled to free coal as part of their remuneration may convert coal into a cash equivalent. How do I submit a request for conversion? When can you do this?

Applying to convert your free coal into a cash equivalent

When you determine your entitlement to a cash equivalent, you must apply. The obligation to submit it is imposed on the mining enterprise, after prior determination of the right of a given pensioner to free coal in kind. The application must state the amount of the allowance and the period for which it is to apply.

The equivalent is paid by the Social Insurance Institution. The funds for this purpose come from a special budget subsidy. The equivalent is paid to the person entitled to it together with the pension or retirement benefit, provided that the claim is submitted before the date of payment of the pension.

When the claim is received after the benefit is overdue, then it is paid in ” is due on the payment date following the date of submission of the application or on the next payment date, if the period between the submission of the application and the payment date is shorter than 30 days “.

 Free coal for pensioners. Some of them can convert it into money

How is the allowance calculated?

When calculating the amount of the equivalent, the tonnage of a given person is taken into account (maximum 3 tons). This amount should be multiplied by the average price of coal, which is announced by the Minister of Energy in “Monitor Polski”.

The average price indicated in “Monitor Polski” is currently PLN 680.49.

 Free coal for pensioners. Some of them can convert it into money


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