Free nurseries for 20,000 children and other measures in Galicia

Free nurseries for 20,000 children and other measures in Galicia

Free nurseries for 20,000 children and other measures in Galicia

But this measure, which will have a annual expenditure of 30 million euros, seems insufficient to revitalize demography, so the head of the Galician Government wants “Open the doors” to immigrants, who he said are talked about “a lot and frivolously.” To do this, he proposes to open a “serene and serious” debate on the need for “legal and orderly immigration” to contribute to the labor, economic and social development of the community.

He did not advance details on the tax cut, since the budgets will be presented next week, but he did indicate that social spending will rise to 71.1% of the amount of the accounts.

Senior centers model

Yes it was more precise with the new model of nursing homes that Parliament will be sent in the next few weeks. Among the novelties is that all new centers must “be divided into living units of 25 people maximum“, Which will serve” as small homes within each center. ” In addition, the first intermediate care units will be created in which people will be cared for who, after being discharged from a health center, need “social support” and a scorecard will be established at the regional level to supervise all residences.

In his speech, Feijóo highlighted the Galicia’s economic recovery in “almost all sectors” and indicated that there is already less unemployment and more affiliations than before the pandemic. Next week the health emergency will be lifted “since the light is already visible at the end of the tunnel” and the president announced the construction of a monument to honor the victims and those who fought against the health crisis.

He emphasized that normal care activity is recovering, reducing waiting lists, and complained about the limit imposed by the Government on the number of places in health examinations. He indicated that by being able to cover only retirements, only 1,200 places can be convened, while if the replacement rate were not applied, the Xunta would have the capacity to take out 3,500 places.

New delegation of the Xunta in Ferrol

The Galician Government will create a new territorial delegation. It will be located in Ferrol in order to ensure the recovery of the region. Feijóo also demanded that the State establish a free zone in Ferrol to help this recovery and proposes that the textile fiber factory from cellulose be built in the province of Lugo. He also demanded the public intervention of Alcoa and the maintenance of Ence in the Pontevedra estuary.

Discounts on transportation for large families

The Autonomous Administration will launch in the coming months a single transport area throughout Galicia, which will mean equal rates in all municipalities and free transfers and more discounts, as well as for large families of between 20% and 50% on their trips. of bus. In total, the plan foresees to reduce almost 18 million trips in public transport.

Another call for the Rescue Plan

In the coming days, a new call for the Rescue Plan will be launched for the sectors most affected by the crisis derived from the coronavirus pandemic, with which it intends to “correct” the “deficiencies” that it believes that the central government presents. In addition, the line of strategic loans will be opened to more sectors and, for the first time, there will be partially repayable loans.

Pact to adapt training to labor demand

A great pact will be promoted with the social and economic agents to adapt the training to the real demand for employment of the companies. It will be called Axenda Galega de Capabilities and Needs Laborais. In addition, the research career will be approved, to define the promotion framework and give “more stability and professionalization” to the scientists of the public system.

Creation of the eighth health area, digital in nature

Feijóo announced the intention to create the eighth health area, which will be digital instead of physical, focused on telemedicine and the use of Big Data and artificial intelligence to anticipate the behavior of diseases.

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