FreeBuds 5i, the headphones that add magic to the sound, from Huawei

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FreeBuds 5i, the earphones that add magic to sound, from Huawei

The company is the first to make the sound. Huawei has announced the launch of its FreeBuds 5i headphones, a True Wireless Stereo (TWS) model that provides outstanding audio quality, spectacular design and high versatility. They inherit the sound sensitivity and active noise cancellation (ANC) of the epic FreeBuds series, while improving the aesthetics, the multiple cancellation and equalization modes, as well as a wide range of settings. as dual device connection to switch between different computers and operating systems.

Design Features

The charging case comes with pebble pattern and textured surface by inkjet coating techniques, in blue, black and white color. Their weight of 4.9 g makes them comfortable and easy to carry. The length is 29mm, which has been shortened by 7mm compared to the previous generation, resulting in a better fit to the shape of the ear.

Quality sound

They offer a high-resolution music experience, with Hi-Res Audio Wireless (Hi-Res) certified. It takes advantage of powerful hardware, algorithms, the LDAC HD audio codec and multi-EQ effects, to reproduce and transmit HD audio, so the original sound is reproduced with fidelity.

It should be noted that they have Multi-EQ features, which allow you to freely adjust the audio effects, for example, selecting the bass boost mode or the treble boost mode, so that each song provides the listening experience that satisfies every taste. It's individual.

Flawless noise cancellation

To keep your audio clean and with minimal interference from ambient noises, the FreeBuds 5i are equipped with ANC technology. dual-microphone and hybrid noise cancellation, that not only detect external noise, but also pick up additional noise within the ear canal, providing maximum active cancellation (ANC) of up to 42 dB. This system will allow ; It gives the user a choice between Ultra, General, and Cozy cancellation modes to tailor noise to any space, whether it's a busy airport, subway station, restaurant, office, or quiet home.

Includes AI noise cancellation to distinguish and enhance voice using AI neural network algorithm to keep calls clear.

Other outstanding features

Highlight its long-lasting battery and water resistance IP54 . These headphones support dual connection, so they can be seamlessly connected to different devices and operating systems, including your smartphone, tablet, PC or smartwatch, as well as any other device. as with Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. Users can switch between music, meetings and calls between devices without manually changing connectivity.  

Provide up to 28 hours battery life with the case fully charged, and fast charging capability to support 4 hours of audio playback with a 15-minute mains connection. 

An additional advantage is that they allow < strong>take photos remotelydouble-tapping the earbuds, for taking photos without fumbling with a selfie stick or fumbling with focal length controls from too close distances.


The FreeBuds 5i are available in white, black and blue, priced at €99. 


Seamless switching between connected devices. They are perfectly compatible with iOS and Android and Windows.

The blue and black colors feature attractive frosted, pebble-like textures, and the white color gives off the look and feel of cool jade, evoking elegance at a glance.

They are flexible in performance as they They allow you to choose between Ultra, General and Cozy noise cancellation modes, to adapt the effects to day-to-day situations.

Dual-microphone noise cancellation, bolstered by AI neural network algorithms, distinguishes voices from ambient noise, letting you hear your voice loud and clear. The AI ‚Äč‚ÄčLife app's audio port makes it easy to manage the devices connected to the headphones and makes it quick to switch them at any time. 

They can be connected simultaneously to Two devices at once, including TVs, PCs, tablets, mobile phones, and more.

It allows you to easily take selfie photos remotely by double-tapping the earphones. A detail that makes things easier.

The IP544 rating means that you can enjoy music in any situation of daily life. Resists splashes and sweat.

4 hours10 of audio can be played on a charge in just 15 minutes.

Control through customizable touch pads, instead of requiring The phone is constantly on.

Feature Summary

Huawei FreeBuds 5i have received Hi-Res Audio Wireless certification thanks to a wider frequency response, high-resolution sound for HD audio sources, and support for multiple equalizations to suit a wide range of listening styles. different, ensuring a personalized listening experience. 

The user can freely choose the noise cancellation mode among Ultra, General and Comfortable, to adapt to the surrounding environment. Enhanced AI noise cancellation distinguishes human voices from ambient noise. Loud, clear voices

Offer up to 28 hours of music playback when used with the charging case and up to 4 hours of audio playback on a 15-minute charge.

They are 11% shorter and lighter than the previous version. The silicone ear tips are available in 3 sizes to ensure a comfortable fit experience. The headphones are IP54 certified.

You can connect to two devices simultaneously. The audio hub in the Huawei AI Life app allows you to easily manage the devices connected to the earbuds and switch the listening device in seconds. They are compatible with iOS, Android and Windows.


Type: TWS Bluetooth Headphones

Dimensions: 30.9 x 21.7 x 23.9 mm

Case: 48.2 x 61.8 x 26.9mm

Weight: 4.9 grams per earphone | 33.9 grams case

Microphone: Dual-mic ANC technology in each earcup

Drivers: 10mm dynamic driver

IP54 water resistance

Connections/codecs: Bluetooth 5.2

Charging: USB C cable and Qi wireless

Battery and autonomy : Up to 7.5 hours and 28 hours with case

Extras: 6 pads. USB C charging cable

Price: 99 euros