'Freedom Convoy': Government concerned about involvement of CAF members | Coronavirus

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“ Freedom Convoy””: Government concerned about involvement of CAF personnel | Coronavirus

The protest in Ottawa angered many elected officials and residents.

Emails released as part of the Rouleau commission on the Liberal government's decision to invoke the It was suggested that political aides to the Liberals wanted to determine the role of certain soldiers who supported the “Freedom Convoy” protests.

On February 15, a day after the Emergencies Act was invoked, Defense Minister Anita Anand's press secretary emailed her colleagues in the office Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino.

Please see this internal list of CAF members allegedly involved in the convoy so far, Daniel Minden wrote.

In his email, the attaché provided a list of known members linked to the protests, including five who are specifically named and two who are not. Among those unnamed are an Ottawa-based special forces soldier and a civilian Department of Defense employee.

All names are redacted in copies of emails provided to the commission as personal information.

The list also includes the location of individuals, the action the military was taking at that time, and the results of any actions that had already been taken. businesses.

Questioned by Alexander Cohen, the director of communications for the Minister of Public Safety about troop numbers, Mr. Minden answered 7-8 as far as we know.

However, the email does not give details of the people named in the list.

It is not known how many of them expressed their support for the freedom convoy and how many spoke out publicly against the obligation to vaccinate members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

The military has forced about 300 of its members to take off their uniforms over the past year because they refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19. A hundred others left voluntarily.

Daniel Le Bouthillier, spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, said that various actions contrary to the rules of the army on discipline, code of ethics and other rules and directives were committed.

Any member of the Armed Forces who brings the CAF into disrepute through misconduct or performance, whether by deed or word, will be held accountable, wrote Mr. Le Bouthillier in an email on Wednesday.

The Rouleau Commission hearings are open to the public. Trucker convoy organizers often attend, as do their supporters.

The MoD said it was trying to get an update on the inquest on Wednesday.

Warrant Officer James Topp's name appears not to be on the list. The latter faces a court martial after appearing in two videos posted on social media in February, criticizing the vaccination requirement for military personnel and other federal employees.

The army reservist later became something of a symbol for those who oppose vaccinations and health restrictions after the organized march throughout the country. A delegation of protesters had met Conservative MPs on Parliament Hill, including current Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre.

With information from CBC

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