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French baccalaureate result: date, time... Access official grades and results!

“French baccalaureate result: date, time… Access the official grades and results!”

The results of the French baccalaureate 2024 are trickling out: each academy decides individually on the date and time of publication of the results. ;eacute;results. The first ones are already there. There, check them out!


  • The results of the advanced French baccalaureate tests are available at the time of writing. from July 9 on this page. To find them, consult the table below with the publication times and click on your academy to access the official results.
  • Notes are confidential, they can only be revealed online with personal identifiers. Exam centers do not display them. 

The results of the advanced French tests are not delivered at the time of writing. in "Admitted" or "Adjourné", like the results of the baccalaureate. These are marks out of twenty which are awarded to the student. each candidate. They can consult them, until '` back to school, via the Cyclades space by selecting the anticipated exam es of the baccalaureate" then by entering their personal identifier. Unlike the results of the final year exams, the media do not relay the verdict for the French baccalaureate.

Knowing the publication date of the French baccalaureate results is all the more useful ;: as soon as it is released, the report grades are displayed on the academy website. The candidate also receives it by post. a few days apart.

The results of the advanced French test for the baccalaureate are available at from July 5 depending on the academies. Dates and times are available below. To view your grade, click on the name of your academy, you will be redirected to your grade. to the official site giving access to candidates' notes:  

Their results in the advance tests for the French baccalaureate allow First Year candidates to take part in the French Baccalaureate. Determine the "points in advance" or "delay" that they will have harvested for next year. These marks will in fact be taken into account in the total average of the exam marks. In practice, a good result can therefore be considered like "points ahead" on the final exams; while with an average lower than 10/20 we're talking about “points behind”.

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