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French baccalaureate subject 2024: discover the test for this Friday, June 14

“French baccalaureate subject 2024: discover the test for this Friday, June 14”

It's the big day! The students in the first year are taking the anticipated French test, the first test of the baccalaureate. Discover the 2024 topic!

The essentials

  • This Friday, June 14, the students of Première are taking the writing test for the 2024 French baccalaureate. This anticipated test will start at 8 a.m. and end at noon.
  • They have four hours to compose a written production of their choice based on one of the themes studied during the course. year.
  • The subjects are communicated by the Ministry of National Education and our partner Studyrama around 9:15 a.m. today, they are à find below.

Subject of the general baccalaureate


 Subject of the technological series baccalaureate


07:30 – The French baccalaureate test starts in 30 minutes!

Welcome to this live, destiné à give you and comment on the subjects of the French baccalaureate. Students are heading to their testing center as the written test begins in just under 30 minutes. And every minute counts to pass this test!

Find out more

What are the official subjects of the 2024 French baccalaureate in foreign centers ?

In French educational establishments & Abroad, the baccalaureate exams always take place some time before the start of the mainland exams. This year, only foreign centers in North America passed the test. the baccalaureate exams, for those from other regions of the globe, they will take place in June, a few days before France, Reunion and Mayotte.

For this 2024 French baccalaureate, candidates could choose the subject to be covered: a commentary on an excerpt from Roman Gary's novel Les Cerfs-volants, 1980, or an essay of their choice between Arthur Rimbaud's “Cahiers de Douai”, Francis Ponge's “La Rage de l'expression” and Hélène Dorion's “Mes forêts". This anticipated test therefore focused on two of the themes: the novel and the story from the Middle Ages to the 21st century and poetry from the 19th to the 21st century. Note that for poetry, two of the three proposals appear in the probable subjects above.

What are the dates for the French baccalaureate 2024?

For this 2024 edition of the French baccalaureate, here are the dates know îand à check in your calendar:  

  • Friday June 14, 2024 : éanticipated tests of Frenchçais< /li>
  • Between June 24 and July 5, 2024: advance oral tests
  • Between Wednesday 5 and Friday 7 July 2024: catch-up tests
  • Friday September 13, 2024 : French baccalaureate replacement test 
  • Monday, July 8, 2024: test results

If the test has been redefined by the baccalaureate reform, expectations remain the same according to the specialized site Parnasse courses: “master the French language, be able to express yourself clearly, analyze texts and construct a personal reflection.” During the writing, each student has two subjects to choose from: an essay or a text commentary. 

High school students must above all master the registers and literary movements of the program to pass this exam. The figures of speech and authors analyzed during the year must also be clearly in mind. The basics of French are not well understood. also neglect: the spelling, grammar and conjugation of the copies must be impeccable otherwise you will lose points.

French writing

In the general series, the written test lasts four hours. It is marked out of 20 for a coefficient of five. Anne Laurens, French teacher at the Lyc&eacutee François Truffaut (Challans), gives her advice for the written exam: “You have to master the methodology. We must avoid the famous: 'I go there on talent', but rather make cards on each œ with the key words to remember."

High school students must choose between a text commentary and an essay. As for the technological baccalaureate test, it includes a commentary with the reading axes or a text contraction followed by an essay on a work studied during the year. Also lasting 4 hours, the test is marked out of 20 points, or 10 points + 10 points depending on the choice of subject.

The French oral

For the oral, each candidate is summoned to another high school to appear in front of an unknown teacher. The oral exam lasts 50 minutes: 30 minutes of preparation and 20 minutes of passage. This passage is composed of a reading on two lines, an explanation of linear text, an interview on a work chosen by the student with a short presentation then five minutes of discussion. The coefficient is also five.

For the oral exam, it is advisable to read and reread the texts, to appropriate them. It is necessary to have in mind the structure of the text and the problem in order to connect them to a clear backbone. The student will then be able to stagger his remarks in front of his examiner.

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