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French baccalaureate subject 2024: the test and probable subjects

“French baccalaureate subject 2024: the test and the probable subjects”

BAC 2024. For Première students, the French test takes place this Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. 12 p.m. Here's how to prepare for the French baccalaureate written test.

This Friday, all the students in the first year of high school will take the written exam for the 2024 French baccalaureate. This early exam will start at 8 a.m. and end at noon. After the exam, candidates will have to wait around ten days before taking the second part of the French baccalaureate: the oral exam.

For this Friday's test, all students will have four hours to compose a written production of their choice taken from the ;one of the themes studied during the year. From poetry to novels, theater and ideal literature, everything is possible. You will therefore have to be ready to take action. any eventuality. Because the students will be questioned about their knowledge and their literary culture. 

For students in the general series, the essay and commentary are optional, while for the technological series you must prepare yourself. ;eacute;pare à work on a text commentary, or on the contraction of text but in this case, you will also have to produce an essay. The writing counts for 50% of the the final mark in French, you should therefore not pass à side. For this, Linternaute and our partner Studyrama invite you to discover the official subjects of the French baccalaureate 2024 given to the students. ves from foreign centers as well as those who fell last year. are available in full. on this page.

Based on the French program for this year 2024 and taking into account past subjects, according to the annals of the last five years, it is more likely to come across the following subjects for this 2024 edition. Please note, the probabilities do not allow you to state with certainty that this or that subject will necessarily fall this year. No impasse is possible at the time of revisions. 

For the literature of ideas in the general field, "Gargantua" by Rabelais, "Les Caractères" de LaBruyère or "Declaration of the Rights of Women and Citizens" of Olympe de Gouges could be on the program. We also advise you to study your classic authors such as Balzac, Hugo, Proust, or even Zola. Some contemporary writers like Maylis de Kerengal or Nathalie Sarraute have a good chance of falling this year. In poetry, "Les Cahiers de Douai" by Rimbaud or My forests" d'H&lène Dorion could be there. "The Imaginary Sick" by Molière, "Les Fausses Confidences" by Marivaux and "Just the end of the world" by Jean-Luc Lagarce are also possibilities in theater. For the technological sector, poetry could well be at the heart of the debates. Ronsard, Apolinnaire or Verlaine with "Fêtes galantes" are serious options for this 2024 French baccalaureate.

What are the official subjects of the 2024 French baccalaureate in foreign centers ?

In French educational establishments & Abroad, the baccalaureate exams always take place some time before the start of the mainland exams. This year, only foreign centers in North America passed the test. the baccalaureate exams, for those from other regions of the globe, they will take place in June, a few days before France, Reunion and Mayotte.

For this 2024 French baccalaureate, candidates could choose the subject à treat: a commentary on an extract from the novel by Roman Gary Les Cerfs-volants, 1980, or a dissertation of your choice between "Cahiers de Douai" by'Arthur Rimbaud, "La Rage de l'expression" by Francis Ponge and "My forests" by Hélène Dorion. This anticipated test therefore focused on two of the themes: the novel and the story from the Middle Ages to the 21st century and the poem. century from the 19th to the 21st century. À note that for poetry, two of the three propositions appear in the probable subjects above.

What are the dates for the French baccalaureate 2024?

For this 2024 edition of the French baccalaureate, here are the dates know îand à check in your calendar:  

  • Friday June 14, 2024 (in the morning between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m.): advance French tests ais
  • Between June 24 and July 5, 2024: advance oral tests
  • Between Wednesday 5 and Friday 7 July 2024: catch-up tests
  • Friday September 13, 2024 : proof of replacement of the French baccalaureateçais 
  • Monday July 8, 2024: test results

The objectives of this test

Although the test has been redefined by the baccalaureate reform, the expectations remain the same according to the specialist website Les cours du Parnasse: “master the French language, be able to express yourself clearly, analyze texts and construct a personal reflection.” During the written part, each student must two subjects to choose from: an essay or a text commentary.

High school students must first and foremost master the registers and literary movements of the program to pass this exam. The figures of speech and authors analyzed during the year must also be well in mind. The basics of French are not Also neglect: the spelling, grammar and conjugation of the copies must be impeccable, otherwise you will lose points.

Written French

In the general series, the written test lasts four hours. It is rated out of 20 for a coefficient of five. Anne Laurens, French teacher at the François Truffaut high school (Challans), gives her advice for the written exam: & ;quot;You have to master the methodology. We must avoid the famous: 'I'm going for talent',  but rather make notes on each &work with the keywords &agrav; remember."

High school students must choose between a text commentary and an essay. the proof of the technological baccalaureate, it includes a commentary with the axes of reading or a contraction of text followed by an essay on an oelig ;work studied during the year. Also lasting 4 hours, the test is marked out of 20 points, or out of 10 points + 10 points depending on the choice of subject.

L'oral de françaisçais

For the oral examination, each candidate is invited to participate in another high school to pass in front of an unknown teacher. The oral exam lasts 50 minutes: 30 minutes of preparation and 20 minutes of passage. This passage is composed of: a two-line reading, a linear text explanation, an interview on a work chosen by the author ;student with a short presentation then five minutes of discussion. The coefficient is also five.

For the oral exam, she advises: “Read and reread the texts, make them your own. You have to have the structure of the text and the problem in mind to connect them to a clear backbone. The student will then be able to stagger their remarks in front of their examiner.” In the general series, students have 20 texts to know, while in the technological series, this number drops to 12 because these high school students have fewer hours of French lessons.

It is obviously impossible to predict the subjects of the different French tests but the good way to practice them remains to take a look at those from last year in order to be ready on the big day. ;visions of the French baccalaureate, no notion must pass to the next level. the hatch because many of them can be used whatever the subjects which will fall during the exam on Friday June 14:

  • For the text commentary, candidates will work on a single object of study and will have a single imposed subject.
  • For the dissertation, candidates can choose to work on one of the three proposed topics. Please note that all the issues will relate to the same theme, but may be linked to different works and authors. ;eacute;rents.
  • For text contraction and testing, offered to candidates in technological fields only, students will be able to choose from three subjects which will focus on a single major theme, but on three different texts. oacute;rents. Note that the choice of subject is valid for both exercises.

A subject for two exercises of your choice. Last year, for the text commentary, the students were entitled to comment on the text. a study of Salon de 1767 by Denis Diderot, while for the dissertation three subjects were proposedé ;nbsp;: Manon Lescaut of the Abbé Prévost, The skin of chagrin by Balzac or texts by Colette.

In the technology sector, candidates had the choice of commenting on a text by Théophile Gautier or of synthesizing a text by Rabelais , La Bruyère or Olympe de Gouges last year.


Our partner Studyrama offers correction elements on French subjects. They allow us to understand what is expected by the baccalaureate correctors. Find all the subjects and answers for the baccalaureate on the Studyrama website for last year's session.

For the students in the vocational sector, the subject invited them to take part in their careers. analyze the following texts: Ivanho&eac; by Walter Scott, Brûlant secret by Stefan Zweig and Real TV by Aurélien Bellanger. The subject has four questions to assess reading skills and then one question to assess the candidates' writing level. Find the subjects in their entirety! below, thanks to à Studyrama, which gives topics and answers each year.

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