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French elections: Macron's bloc fails to achieve absolute majority in parliament

Elections in France: Macron's bloc failed to achieve an absolute majority in parliament

The count of 60% of the ballots showed that the president's coalition is gaining 35.5% of the vote. Thus, Macron's block “Together!” claims 235 seats in the National Assembly.

Coalition of French President Emmanuel Macron “Together!” in the second round of parliamentary elections, she leads in terms of the number of votes received, but she failed to get an absolute majority of seats in the National Assembly. This was reported by the BFM TV news channel.

The second round of the parliamentary elections in France took place today, Sunday, June 19. According to preliminary calculations, Macron's coalition receives a simple majority in the National Assembly – the ruling bloc won 35.5% of the vote after counting 60% of the ballots. At the same time, the total turnout in the elections was 38.11%.

Second placein the country's parliament with an indicator of 27.08% is a large coalition of left, center-left and green parties “New People's Ecological and Social Union” (Nupes), led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

Third place in the National Assembly is occupied by the party of Macron's opponent in the presidential election, Marine Le Pen. Her “National Association” is gaining 21.75%, which is ten times more than before.

Thus, President Macron's ruling bloc failed to gain an absolute majority in parliament. According to the results of the elections, 577 deputies of the lower house of parliament will be elected for five years, of which up to 235 mandates will be received by the coalition “Together!” p>

French President Emmanuel Macron, during his visit to Kyiv on June 16, said that a number of European countries support granting “immediate” EU candidate status to Ukraine. The French leader noted that the status of the candidate will be accompanied by a road map and will take into account the situation in the Balkans.

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