French Nobel Prize in Literature Annie Erno

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The Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to Frenchwoman Annie Ernault

Winner in Literature believes in the liberating power of writing. Her work is uncompromising and written in simple language.

French writer Annie Ernault has won the Nobel Prize in Literature. This is reported on the website of the award.

It is noted that she received the award for “the courage and clinical accuracy with which she reveals the origin, alienation and collective limitations of personal memories.”

French writer Annie Erno was born in 1940 and grew up in the small town of Yveto in Normandy, where her parents had a grocery store and cafe.

Her first novel was published in 1974. It, like many subsequent works of the writer, reflects the actual episodes of her biography.

One of the most famous books was The Event (2000), in which the writer spoke about an abortion that she had in 1963. In 2021, the film was filmed by director Audrey Diwan. For it, he received the Golden Lion of the Venice Film Festival.

Earlier it was reported that the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to scientists Caroline R. Bertozzi, Morten Meldal and C. Barry Sharpless.

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