French-speaking mayors “angry” with Minister Daniel Allain

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Francophone mayors “angère” against Minister Daniel Allain

Minister Allain must attend the AGM of the ;association of municipalities, Saturday.

The president of the Francophone Association of New Brunswick Municipalities, Yvon Godin.

The tone is rising between the x27; Francophone Association of New Brunswick Municipalities (AFMNB) and the Minister of Local Government and Local Governance Reform, Daniel Allain.

In a letter to the minister late Friday afternoon – a few hours before the opening of the association's annual general meeting in Edmundston – members of the AFMNB's board of directors expressed concern. misunderstanding, dismay and anger at comments made by the Minister in the media and in the Legislative Assembly in recent days.

In particular, the AFMNB is asking for an apology from Daniel Allain following an interview on Radio-Canada Acadie's La matinale program during which he declared that several former politicians or long-time politicians who are bowing out, it was time! .

The Community Funding Bill has been tabled by the Minister for Governance Reform local, Daniel Allain.

Minister Daniel Allain is scheduled to deliver a speech to members of the AFMNB on Saturday to discuss changes to the municipal equalization formula.

This new funding formula for municipalities is raising a lot of discontent in the municipal world. The president of the AFMNB, Yvon Godin, even gave up running for mayor of the new municipality of Rivière-du-Nord because of the financial framework.

Janic Godin speaks with Yvon Godin, president of the Association francophone des municipalités du Nouveau-Brunswick

The AFMNB has collaborated with you and your team since the beginning of your reform and we believe that your various interventions contained unacceptable remarks and that they were a total lack of respect towards the elected officials of the municipalities who represent the order of government. closest to the people. These comments also go against the spirit of your reform, which you have repeatedly put forward, namely collaboration, we write in this letter.

“We have expressed our dismay and fears on various occasions during the process and at no time have we attacked any individuals including you and your team. We regret that you are using this route in order to deal with comments and criticism regarding the financial framework”

— Passage from the letter from the mayors

AFMNB criticizes the Minister for having placed the various municipal associations back to back, targeting certain municipalities and their representatives, even mentioning political games on their part with a view to the next elections on November 28.

This letter was signed by the president of the AFMNB and mayor of Bertrand, Yvon Godin, the vice-presidents Lise-Parent, mayor of Pointe-Verte, and Kassim Doumbia, mayor of Shippagan, as well as the representatives of the Chaleur regions (Rachel Boudreau , Mayor of Petit-Rocher), Kent (Aldéo Saulnier, Mayor of Bouctouche), North-West (Éric Marquis, Mayor of Edmundston), Acadian Peninsula (Jules Haché, Mayor of Lamèque), Restigouche (Mario Pelletier, Mayor of Eel River Dundee) and South East (Louise Landry, Mayor of Beaubassin-Es t).

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