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French subject for the 2024 brevet: the test and probable subjects

“French subject for the 2024 brevet: the test and probable subjects”

FRENCH BREVET. The French test for the 2024 brevet will take place on Monday, July 1st. What awaits 3rd grade students this year?

For students in third grade, the college certificate exams will take place on July 1st and 2nd. Five subjects are on the program for these two days of tests, including French which will open the festivities on July 1st. 9 a.m. à 12:15 p.m. On the big day, students will have three hours to work on a dictation, grammar questions, comprehension and writing with the aim of writing ;collect as many points as possible, & this key test for obtaining the patent.

To prepare for it, Linternaute invites you to discover what are the subjects that can potentially fall this year, as well as the progress ; of the proof and the subject of last year as well as its answer, both available on this page thanks to our partner Studyrama. À Please note that on the day of the French test, the subjects and answers will also be available on this page.

Every year as the brevet exams approach, several specialized platforms put online a list of topics considered “likely” to come up on the day of the exam. These lists are formed by taking into account the themes that come up repeatedly in the exams, the program for the year as well as the annals of previous years. Their primary purpose is to allow students to organize their revisions and approach the exam more calmly. However, these lists are only assumptions, so you have to revise everything to avoid failing your exam.

This year the notions deemed "probable" for the French test are: "Search for oneself, build oneself (Tell oneself, represent oneself)" but also "Living in society, participating in the companyé (Exposing the flaws of society) and "Scientific progress and dreams". À conversely, notions judged "unlikely" are: "Looking at the world, inventing the world (Poetic Visions of the World)" as well as “Acting on the world (Acting in the city: individual and power).".

The students of the general series and those of the pro series work on two different subjects ;rent, present both in their entirety. below.

Subject and correction of French patent in general route:

The test began with a text study on an excerpt from George Sand's work, Histoire de ma vie. It was also an excerpt from this text that served as a support for the dictation. For the writing exercise, candidates had the choice between a topic of reflection and a topic of imagination.

Subject and correction French from the professional patent:

Here it is the text by George Perec, W or The Memory of Childhood, which served as support for this dictation and the grammar and comprehension test. While for the writing exercise they also had the choice between a subject of imagination and another of reflection.

Everything you need to know about the French patent

During the written French test for the college certificate, Monday July 1, students from France m– oacute;tropolitaine have three hours to prove themselves. This first consists of a “grammar and language skills” part – comprehension and interpretation skills ;tation and dictation", from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 10:30 a.m. It involves, after a dictation, carrying out an explanation of an extract from a literary text and exercises in grammar and rewriting. After a short break, follows a second part dedicated to the editorial office, from 10:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. 12:15 p.m.

The first part, evaluated out of 50 points, is based on a literary text sometimes accompanied by a literary text. of an image and consists of reply è a series of grammar, language comprehension and interpretation questions. Twenty minutes are dedicated to dictation, graded out of 10 points, of approximately 600 signs for students in the general series general and 400 signs for the professional series. The order of the questions which follow, out of 40 points, is not trivial: the The first ones are rather short and address specific points of grammar while the following ones call for more developed and written responses. ;eacute;es based on quotations from the extract of the text provided to study.

After a short fifteen-minute break, the students find their copy for the last part of the lesson. proof: writing on a subject of invention or reflection of your choice, and on which the last 50 points are played out.

At the brevet, the value of each test is not calculated on the basis of a coefficient, but by counting points. As a reminder, you can obtain a maximum of 800 points during the certificate. You need a minimum of 400 points out of 800 to be accepted. Then, when you collect more points, you can get mentions: you need at least 480 for the fairly good mention, at least 560 ;for the good mention, and 640 for the very good mention. The French test can earn up to  100 points, it is therefore very important.

The publication date of the results of the 2024 patent varies depending on the academies but they will be available no later than Friday the 12th ;nbsp;July 2024.

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