Friday the 13th: the slasher will have the right to his series with the creator of Hannibal

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Peacock has announced Crystal Lake, a prequel series to the Friday the 13th franchise, starring the creator of Hannibal.

After the (temporary) conclusion of the Halloween saga, very recently, another immortal slasher is now resurfacing to carry out some new killings. We had heard of the very possible return of Friday 13, a few months ago and according to the words of producer Roy Lee, but it was very difficult to be sure of anything in view of the legal imbroglio in which the franchise had gotten stuck. Finally, it was during the Halloween festivities that the Peacock streaming platform announced a prequel series, titled Crystal Lake, in partnership with A24.< /p>

If it may seem disappointing that thirteen years after the first part of the saga, we are not finally promised the thirteenth film (all the stars were aligned!), however, this is not without reason. The film rights to the franchise still belong to New Line, making production of a new feature film impossible at this time, despite the efforts of Victor Miller (screenwriter of the first Friday the 13th) and his lawyers. It is therefore on the side of the side of the television that it will be necessary to count to find the killer in the hockey mask.

Not much has been revealed yet about Crystal Lake, except that it will happen before the events of all the Friday the 13th movies. A project that might not be totally opportunistic when you know that Victor Miller never appreciated the fact that Jason became the saga's official killerinstead of his mother and that, in any case, his adult character still belongs to Sean Cunningham, the franchise's second leading screenwriter. Miller will therefore perhaps have the opportunity to finally reinvest his mythology and even to reinvent everything from scratch.

A hypothesis that is still becoming more likely when considering Bryan Fuller's comments, designated showrunner for the series. He spoke to Fangoria's Kingcast podcast and answered a few questions, being very confident about the project:

“It feels less like a prequel to me than a…pre-remake-ual.” […] The reactions were very positive, but we also had our share of dissatisfied. This is nothing new for me! I experienced the same thing when Hannibal was announced. […] Part of me relaxes, folds my arms, and just says to them, “Wait and see.” ยป

Reassuring words, especially since they come from the very competent creator of the series Hannibal. A perfect example of successful reincarnation for a cult movie killer, which restores faith in the whole enterprise of Peacock and A24. Will this return to basics be an unprecedented opportunity for Fuller and Miller to reconstruct the myth of Friday the 13th and deploy brand new ideas, instead of a simple repetition?< /p>

We can imagine it, even hope so, but for the moment we will have to be more patient. Bryan Fuller tried as best he could to say as little as possible about what to expect, other than a return to the character of Pamela Voorhes and d a slew of murders in almost every episode. Interesting prospects, therefore, while waiting for an exit window for Crystal Lake.

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