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From bankruptcy to flamboyant return, the crazy epic of Pixmania

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Pixmania is reborn from its ashes. The very popular e-commerce site from the 2000s is entitled to a second life after a bankruptcy in 2016. The start-up has just raised 11.3 million euros, and is launching a crowdfunding campaign to celebrate the good news.

A pioneer of e-commerce in the 2000s

It is one of the most impressive epics in the history of French Tech. Pixmania, whose name is inevitably known to those over 35, went from pioneer of e-commerce to bankruptcy in just a few years. Founded in the early 2000s by brothers Jean-Émile Rosenblum and Steve Rosenblum, the marketplace then recorded a turnover of 1 billion euros.

Sold in 2006 for 350 million euros, the platform finally went bankrupt in 2016. In the meantime, its co-founders launched a company specializing in telephone accessories called The Kase. The Covid-19 pandemic unfortunately took its toll on its survival. Drawing on their experience, the two brothers decided, in 2022, to buy the Pixmania brand. They relied on the still influential name of their start-up to launch it in a new format. It was a winning bet.

The company quickly built up a team of 160 employees. Its turnover reached 35 million euros in its first full year in 2023. Defining itself as a mix of fintech and greentech, Pixmania has chosen the economy circular for the sale of tech products such as smartphones, consoles and even computers. A judicious decision, at a time when electronic waste is increasingly being singled out.

« You can sell your old mobile to Pixmania and its price is immediately deducted from the purchase of a new model. Furthermore, when you purchase your new mobile, Pixmania also deducts a guaranteed trade-in price for the future “, explains Jean-Émile Rosenblum, CEO of Pixmania, at Maddyness. Payment facilities are also offered.

Raising of 11.3 million euros

More of both A third of its sales are made on credit, half of which are on long credit. « We are multi-sellers, multi-products, multi-services with a single shopping cart divided into 24 or 36 months  », he assures at the microphone of BFM Business.

At the same time, Pixmania has a large laboratory where 100 people recondition devices purchased via the platform. More than 220,000 products from 200 partner merchants, representing more than a thousand brands, are now listed there.

This week, the company raised 11.3 million euros from renowned investors like Xavier Niel and Pauline Duval. These funds will notably enable it to improve its offering and expand internationally. In addition to France, the start-up is also present in Spain. It is launching, upstream, a crowdfunding campaign in partnership with Sowefund. This strategy, which is gaining popularity in fintech, helps build user loyalty.

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