From the zoo in Lutsk stole rare birds

Из зоопарка в Луцке похитили редких птиц

29 Oct in luck thieves in the night broke the door of the enclosure of the zoo, inhabited by green-winged macaws and stole the birds. . About the incident with the parrot press service of the Lutsk zoo says in Facebook.

The fact of breaking the zookeeper found during the morning rounds. Law enforcement officers are studying footage from surveillance. It turned out that the attackers had used a car.

In this regard, the leadership of the Lutsk zoo has addressed to townspeople with the request to help in search for stolen birds. Information is needed about the 29 October, from 03.00 to 07.00, were seen coming from the zoo.

As previously reported, there were rumors that a collection of the Kiev Botanical garden sold out due to the lack of heat.

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