From trade unionist to MP: education, always a priority for Suzanne Tremblay

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From trade unionist to MP: education, always a priority for Suzanne Tremblay

Suzanne Tremblay was elected MP for Hull under the colors of the CAQ in October.

After six years at the head of the Syndicat de l'enseignement de l'Outaouais, Suzanne Tremblay made the leap into provincial politics. She now represents the citizens of Hull. In response to criticism, the MP believes that her new role is a continuation of her activism.

Following her election on October 3, Ms. Tremblay was appointed government assistant to the Minister of Education, Bernard Drainville. It's a logical assignment, she says, given her 17 years in the teaching industry.

It's important to me. It's a life I've led, she says. I wanted to work to value the teaching profession, then for me, it's a continuation of what I was doing.

Outaouais MPs Mathieu Lévesque and Suzanne Tremblay

Some union members saw his new mandate as a change of camp. The current president, Nathalie Gauthier, even speaks of a feeling of betrayal shared by teachers.

However, this is not the vision of the MP faced with her new role.

Me, I think they have made great strides, she says, speaking of her colleagues at the CAQ. There are still improvements to be made, nothing is perfect. There are still challenges.

“I wanted to continue working with a government that helped me. had shown, in recent years, that [education] was important to him. »

— Suzanne Tremblay, MP for Hull

She stresses that one of her priorities will be to tackle the labor shortage, attract young people into the profession and keep those who are there.

< p class="e-p">The working conditions of all staff will also be on his agenda, and that of the President of the Treasury Board, Sonia Lebel.

The president of the Syndicat de l'enseignement de l'Outaouais believes that Ms. Tremblay knows the reality of teachers very well. Despite this, her presence in the new Legault government did not have the desired result, she said.

Nathalie Gauthier, president of the Outaouais Education Union

Some hoped that [she] would be an asset, explains the president. When we received the employer's deposit, and therefore the government's response to our union demands, it was clear that, although Ms. Tremblay was the government assistant to Minister Drainville, it did not really change the situation since the employer's deposit is a copy-paste of that of the last negotiation.

“We see that it had no effect at all the fact that she is there. »

— Nathalie Gauthier, President of the Outaouais Education Union

Suzanne Tremblay expects to have to dive into several other priority files for the region in the coming months.

First, that of the new hospital will be put forward. This will be discussed during an upcoming meeting with the office of the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé.

The new convention center project is also one of the priorities of the ;Outaouais. It's a promising project, which is very interesting, which will lead to beautiful avenues for our region, adds Ms. Tremblay.

On the affordable housing side, the MP intends to meet with community organizations, business people and city representatives.

A meeting should also take place between MNA, Gatineau Mayor France Bélisle and Vice- Prime Minister Geneviève Guilbault to discuss public transit.

With information from Nathalie Tremblay and Alexandra Angers

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