Fuel bonus: the 5 conditions to be met to benefit from it

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“Fuel bonus: the 5 conditions to be met to benefit from it”

FUEL AID 2023. The fuel allowance of 100 euros can be claimed up to 20 days. the end of March. How did çwork? What are the conditions for obtaining? We take stock.

[Updated; day on 3 March 2023 at; 3:25 p.m.] In order to limit the effects of rising fuel costs and preserve the purchasing power of French people, the Government is implementing specific aid of 100 euros, subject to conditions. of resources, in favor of people who have an activity; professional using their vehicle to work or to go to school. their work. Beneficiaries can apply until March 31, 2023  using a form  fill in online. At the same time, be aware that oil giant Total is offering a price cap from March 1, 2023  the end of the year on all fuels, except Diesel Excellium and Unleaded 98. Here is the list of the 5 conditions to be met. complete for claims to compensation fuel of 100 euros before the end of March: 

  • Condition n° 1: use your vehicle to go to work
  • Condition n°2: reference tax income (RFR) less than €14,700
  • Condition n°3: to be old at least 16 years old on December 31, 2021
  • Condition n°4: not be liable for wealth tax immobilière; (IFI)
  • Condition n°5: to be domiciled tax in France

How to obtain the compensation fuel ? Request

To benefit from this new allowance fuel 2023, it will be necessary to fill in a form on the tax site available sinceJanuary 16, 2023 with three elements: 

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  • Your tax number
  • Your license plate number and your car registration number
  • A certificate on the ;honor that you use your vehicle to go to work
  • If you do not have access to the online form, you can make your request by telephone at 0.806.000.229, Monday to Friday from 8.30am  7 p.m., or at the nearest tax office.

    Who can benefit of the new fuel allowance? Conditions

    This "fuel aid" will relate to 50% of the poorest French households, who need their vehicle to go to work. This represents about 10 million people. Owners of two wheels will also be able to benefit from it, in the same way as self-employed workers and civil servants. Electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids will also be part of the scheme.

    This allowance ispaid per person and not per household. Each member of a modest couple who uses their vehicle to go to their place of work can receive aid of 100 euros. A couple can therefore benefit from 200 euros of fuel aid in 2023. To obtain this aid, it is necessary to justify a reference tax income per unit for the year 2021 less than or equal to; 14 700 euros. To find out if you are eligible, here are the income limits put in place by the government to determine the beneficiaries of this exceptional aid: 

    • < 1 314 euros net/month for a single person
    • < 3 285 euros net/month for a couple with one child
    • < 3 285 euros net/month for a single person with two children
    • < 3 941 euros net/month for a couple with two children
    • < 5 255 euros net/month for a couple with three children

    To benefit from it, it is also mandatory to be established in metropolitan France, at Mayotte, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique or at; Reunion and be domiciled in for tax purposes in France (according to the provisions set out in 1  of article 4 B of the general tax code) for the year 2021. 39; to be old at least 16 years old on December 31, 2021. And not to be liable for real estate wealth tax (IFI) for 2021

    How much is the new allowance? fuel?

    The amount of compensation fuel is 100 euros for the year 2023. It can be up to 200 euros for a working couple whose two members use their vehicle to go to their place of work. This represents a gain of 10 euro cents per liter of fuel, on average, for someone who travels 12,000 kilometers per year, the average Frenchman.


    What is the deadline for claiming its fuel aid?

    The new allowance fuel to the value of 100 euros, the request for which is open to anyone; starting January 16, 2023 must be claimed by a deadline. Indeed, if you are one of the beneficiaries, you have until March 31, 2023, to manifest yourself, by completing the online request form.

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