Fugitive Patrice Mailloux arrested in Montreal

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fugitive Patrice Mailloux arrested ; Summer in Montreal

Patrice Mailloux killed a Moncton teenager, Laura Davis, during a 1987 burglary.

Fugitive Patrice Mailloux – who was convicted of murdering a teenage girl from Moncton, New Brunswick in 1987 – was arrested by police in Montreal on Thursday.

He had been unlawfully at large since September 1. That day, he did not return to the halfway house where he lives, in Laval, a suburb of Montreal.

Correctional Service Canada is working in collaboration with the Montreal police to return Patrice Mailloux to custody.

In 1987, Patrice Mailloux shot 16-year-old Laura David in the head during a a burglary at a convenience store where she worked, on Saint-Georges Street in Moncton.

In 2016, following his parole hearing, he was granted a day release which allowed him to reside in a halfway house.

The Parole Board of Canada renewed this decision in April 2022, specifying that Patrice Mailloux had to return each evening to the halfway house.

With information from CBC's Bobbi-Jean MacKinnon.

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