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Full Moon of October 28: what Which astrological signs will be most affected?

The full Moon in Taurus on October 28 promises to be followed by astrology enthusiasts. It could be a hectic time for some of us. Which signs are most affected by this Full Moon and what will its effects be?

This month's full moon will take place in a few days, on Saturday, October 28 and will be coupled with a lunar eclipse. Also called the Full Hunter's Moon because it occurs at the height of the migration period for many species of birds, it is a time of great upheaval for some people if the time is right. we believe astrology, a passion which, let us remember, has no scientific proof.

During this period all signs will be invited to participate. focus on their needs and distinguish between toxic desires and those that bring real satisfaction. This Full Moon in Tauruswhich will be coupled with a partial eclipse should therefore be a moment of introspection and change.

Taurus and Scorpio at the center of this Full Moon

This full Hunter's Moon will take place in Taurus, which places this sign at the heart of all attention. This Earth sign will be particularly affected by by the upheavals induced by this full Moon. It will be the moment of “Direct your attention to yourself rather than to the relationships that have captivated you.” your attention this past month,” explains astrologer Chelsea Jackson of Elite Daily. According to her, you shouldn't be afraid of being a little selfish during this period when you're struggling. priority is to satisfy your desires and promote your personal development.

Second central sign of this full Moon, the Scorpiomay be going through a period of changes in their relationships. Natacha Merani, astrologer for Marie-France magazine encourages this sign to make communication efforts in love in order to stay in phase in your relationship. Likewise, Chelsea Jackson suggests that Scorpio consider the support offered by those close to them and not be afraid to dig deeper into relationships that require it.

Other signs affected by the Full Hunter Moon

According to Chelsea Jackson, other signs could see their habits slightly disrupted by this period full of surprises. Among these signs more sensitive than others to the energies provided by this full Moon, we find the Leo who could see his professional career evolve strong> suddenly by the recognition shown to him. This transformation could take the form of decision-making and modifications that will contribute to the future. its success.

Finally, according to the Elite Daily astrologer, this full Hunter's Moon will be an opportunity for Aquarius > to concentrate on the comfort of your home. He should therefore seek to put aside his social inclination to improve the well-being he feels in his home.

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