Funny videos with pandas that are fun to roll around in the snow, conquered network

Курьезное видео с пандами, которые весело кувыркаются в снегу, покорило сеть

Cute animals always give a lot of joy and positive and able to cheer up even the most sad moments of life.

So, on the Internet a lot funny video with our smaller brethren, but as a rule most people touches fluffy cats and dogs and bears, as if that was not strange. However, it is worth saying that we are not talking about an ordinary bear, but of the most endearing representatives of – black-and-white pandas.

Videos with these ridiculous creatures was published on page AnimalForum on twitter.

Frames and three small pandas, which are floundering in the snow definitely gives you a lot of positive and joyful emotions.

“Owwwwww”, “How nice,” I admire the users of video in the comments.

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