Fury and Wilder staged a brawl in Las Vegas

Фьюри и Уайлдер устроили потасовку в Лас-Вегасе

On February 22 in Las Vegas will host a re-match between Briton Tyson fury and American DevTeam Wilder.

Yesterday, the boxers met for the traditional duel of views. But out of love to sharp statements of the conversation between the two heavyweights was intense.

“I do not see what I was in for a tough fight. I see only the long-legged coward, which will absolutely prevail. Tall virgin, which he dragged around the ring. “The Gypsy king” will to depose him, tear out his heart and feed it to him,” said fury.

“Fury pillow is pillow fists. That’s why I pushed him in the last match. He can’t beat. My two year old daughter hits harder than him. Don’t believe anything he says,” said Wilder.

Recall that in the first fight Wilder has twice sent down fury, but both times he got up and brought the match but a draw.

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