G7 announces end to trade 'naivety' with China

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The G7 announces the end of “naïveté” trade against China

G7 representatives have warned that this is the end of trade “naivety” towards China.

The G7 trade ministers, meeting in Germany, announced on Thursday that they wanted to “increase their efforts” to prevent Russia from “profiting” economically from the war in Ukraine, and promised to end trade “naivety” vis-à-vis Russia. screws from china.

We are in a geopolitical situation where the idea of ​​global trade to improve people's lives […] is under severe strain, said German Economy Minister Robert Habeck, who chaired this meeting at the castle of Neuhardenberg.

In a press release published at the end of this two-day meeting, the ministers first assured that they wanted to diversify their commercial relations, in the face of an increasingly tense geopolitical environment.

We, the G7 Trade Ministers, underscore that diversifying trade and expanding trading relationships on a mutually beneficial basis are essential to improving the resilience and sustainability of our economies, the Ministers said. ministers.

In their crosshairs, China. We are going to put in place a more robust trade policy vis-à-vis China […], the naivety is over, thus promised Robert Habeck.

China is one of our concerns, in terms of distortion of competition, subsidies to industries, transparency, for his part affirmed, during a press conference, the European Commissioner for Trade, Valdis Dombrovskis.

G7 states also targeted Russia and its invasion of Ukraine, as Ukrainian Economy Minister Yulia Svyrydenk was invited .

We will maintain and expand our coordinated efforts to prevent Russia from profiting from its unlawful aggression and to reduce its ability to continue the war, the ministers affirmed.

< p class="e-p">To support kyiv, the ministers also discussed a financial mechanism, intended to bring together private and public funds for the future reconstruction of Ukraine.

Last June, the heads of state of the group announced that they wanted to support the reconstruction of Ukraine by r through an international conference and reconstruction plan.

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