Galkin revealed the amount of Pugacheva and Leontiev's pension


November 17, 2018, 06:18 | Culture

Artist Maksym Galkin said in an interview that he talked about his wife's pension.

Galkin revealed the amount of Pugacheva and Leontyeva's pension

The artist Maksym Galkin said that the pension of his wife Alla Pugacheva is two thousand rubles (850 UAH), informs UkrMedia.

He named the rapper Basti (Vasilya Vakulenko ) in an interview published on the YouTube channel.

«Valery Leontiev had it for ten thousand (4,200 hryvnias). This is because he signed himself up as a ballet artist,” Galkin noted.

The artist added that his wife, fortunately, is not worried about the pension: “I am the workhorse in the family, so everything is fine , we don't worry».


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