Galthié victim, limits of sanitary bubbles, return of spectators, role of the State … The strong words of Professor Eric Caumes

Galthié victim, limits of sanitary bubbles, return of spectators, role of the State … The strong words of Professor Eric Caumes

Galthié victim, limits of sanitary bubbles, return of spectators, role of the State … The strong words of Professor Eric Caumes

Could contamination within the France team have been avoided?
EC : No, the situation is unstoppable as long as you do not impose a quarantine. The question will also arise for the Olympic Games, it will be the same thing. We have given careful thought to these problems, particularly to the International Automobile Federation’s medical committee, of which I am a member. The protocol adopted by the FFR is roughly the same as that of the FIA. It is a sanitary bubble in which you can go out and re-enter by taking the necessary precautions. For outings, you must respect barrier gestures, not to expose yourself in an irresponsible manner such as participating in a party. The players were stigmatized because they ate a waffle outside, you have to be reasonable! It is not outside, with a mask, that the coronavirus is transmitted.

The hypothesis of a physical trainer of the XV of France had been mentioned for a time …
EC : It doesn’t make more sense than for Fabien Galthié since both were positive at the same time. If one had infected the other, it is unlikely that they tested positive at the same time. From the moment when both are contaminated at the same time, it is necessary to look for a common cause of exposure. It’s not complicated, they dined face to face, that’s all. It is a player from the France team at 7 who is patient zero. We do not see very well how the Covid-19 could have entered the bubble otherwise. This almost always happens in closed places during moments of conviviality. Galthié, everyone fell on him when he went to make the round trip in a taxi to see his son play in an empty stadium with his mask on his face …

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Covid-19 within the XV of France: the responsibility of Fabien Galthié dismissed by the report of the FFR, patient 0 indeed came from the team at 7

You do not understand those who gritted their teeth concerning this outing or that of Fabien Galthié?
EC : You can’t keep people in cages for two and a half months, you have to land a little bit. The competition lasts two months, counting the preparation or a possible quarantine, it’s been two and a half months during which the players do not go to see their wives or their families, it’s impossible!

“Locking up athletes for months is the Circus Games”

The Australian Open did so with a arrival two weeks before players for quarantine.EC : This is the model. Like the handball world championship, too. You respect a 14-day quarantine, so we are sure that nothing will happen since this is the maximum incubation period of the coronavirus, and then you enter the bubble without risk. If you don’t do that, you are on another model, like in rugby or for the FIA. And in Formula 1, we had the same problem. Some drivers, and not the least, have been positive like Lewis Hamilton. And when Hamilton got into the bubble, he was negative. The only 100% guaranteed solution is the Australian Open.

This bubble model, as we have also seen in the NBA for nearly four months, is it possible in the coming months for all long-term competitions?EC : It’s still complicated to do that for months. A few weeks like for the Olympic Games or the Worlds, or a month like a football Euro, to which you add 14 days of quarantine, this is the maximum acceptable for the players in my opinion. In particular, on the psychic level. Locking them up for months is the Circus Games. You lock them up in the stadium, they go out to play and they go back to their cell, that’s the time of the gladiators. Either you transform sportsmen into modern-day gladiators, or there is a degree of humanity in all of this and we cannot maintain them beyond a maximum period of time.

So we can not speak of breaches of protocol in the case of the XV of France?
EC : Not at all, he was very well respected! But there are loopholes in the system. For me, they couldn’t do better given the psychological and economic imperatives. And we must not forget that rugby players are required to join their club as well. What would the Top 14 say if the players couldn’t get in between 6 Nations matches?

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Galthié victim, limits of sanitary bubbles, return of spectators, role of the State … The strong words of Professor Eric Caumes

Six Nations Tournament: towards a France – Scotland on Friday March 26

“People should come back to the stands, we contaminate each other in the bistro in front of the stadium, not inside”

It’s not worrying for competitions like the Olympics, isn’t it?
EC : For a competition like the Olympic Games, it is formal: it is necessary to impose a quarantine of 14 days. This would also allow athletes to blame jet lag, which is a real problem for athletes. We are talking about making them arrive three days before, it’s completely crazy! (Editor’s note: the IOC has sent the athletes the protocol in which a test is indicated 72 hours before their departure for Japan, but no imposed quarantine) The athletes will sleep on the track… Especially since the hotels are empty in Japan, they might as well be used for 14-day quarantine bubbles, as in Australia.

“As the State has nothing to do with the opinions of the Scientific Council, we are not out of the brambles”

The return of the public to the stadiums does not seem to be happening. Would it be dangerous today to bring spectators back to the stands under certain conditions?
EC : Not at all, on the contrary! I’ve been saying this for several months: people should go back to the stadiums. We do not contaminate ourselves at the stadium, outside, but at the bistro in front of the stadium if I may say so. Contamination takes place in an enclosed space. The only risk factor in a stadium is the toilet. But with a gauge, we could very well fill the Stade de France with 20 or 25,000 people, the Parc des Princes with 10,000, 2,500 in each stand. People would be several meters from each other. Families would be more likely to infect each other, rather than going to the stadium. These are political decisions, not health ones. Even people no longer understand it. And since the State has nothing to do with the opinions of the Scientific Council, we are not out of the brambles …

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