Game of Thrones: George RR Martin reveals more about the very different end of his books


No less than eleven years after the publication of the last novel in the Iron Throne saga, George R.R. Martin gave some news of the next pane.

Accused (rightly) of having blithely botched its conclusion and ruined the previous eight seasons in the process,Game of Thrones continues to shed a lot of tears and ink… with the exception of George R.R. Martin, whose pen seems to have dried up for a few years already. While the serial adaptation of his novel Fire and Blood, which retraces the significant episodes of the Targaryen dynasty, will soon land on the screens, the sixth and penultimate volume of the literary saga has yet to hit bookstores.

It's now been some eleven years > that Game of Thrones aficionados are patiently awaiting the release of The Winds of Winter. Impulsed in 2010, the writing of the famous novel has since suffered the blow of multiple delays, and amply exceeded the publication date initially planned for the course of 2016.

Since then, the series has had time to chain the seasons, to offer one of the most divisive finales in the history of television, and now the producers are working on multiple spin-offs derived from the original story (including a spin-off devoted to the return of Jon Snow). And still no novel.

Enough to work on the expectations of many fans who are impatient with the idea of ​​knowing the rest of the events (and being able to wash from their minds the memory of the final season). Very active on his blog, soberly titled Not a blog, the author wanted to give some news about the book in question, specifying in passing the inevitable comparisons between the series and the book:

“Recently, I noticed that my gardening [metaphor used by the novelist to describe his writing process, editor's note< strong>] is taking me further and further away from the series. Yes, there are elements of Game of Thrones that could be found in The Winds of Winter (albeit under potentially different circumstances), but a lot of the story will be quite different. And when you think about it, it's quite normal. The novels are much larger, and much more complex than the series. Some events staged in the HBO production will not take place in the books, and vice versa.”

True to himself, the novelist ultimately says very little about the status of the next novel. Martin insisted, however, that having survived or succumbed to the series broadcast on HBO in no way guarantees that a character will have the same fate in the books, but that was to be expected. .

Since Martin himself does not know how the saga will end, and that he responds all the same to an unfortunate tendency (from his own admission) to change course as soon as a narrative arc begins to take shape, so it's hard to know when exactly The Winds of Winter will reach completion, let alone when it will appear. Until then, the serial adaptation of Fire and Blood, House of the Dragon, will be available on OCS from August 22. strong>.


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