Game of Thrones: “I thought Arya was a lesbian”, Maisie Williams confides


Game of Thrones: “I Thought Arya Was Lesbian”, Maisie Williams Opens Up

The iconic interpreter of Arya Stark in the cult medieval series returns to the sexuality of her character.

Arya Starkis without doubt one of the most iconic and beloved characters of Game of Thrones. Courageous, fighter, honest… She's a badass. Maisie Williams, her interpreter, recently confided in her perception of the character at the start. In particular his sexuality. Indeed, the actress initially thought that Arya was lesbian.

The shock was great when, in the final season of the show, Arya strips naked in front of Gendry. The actress details her thoughts: “The first time I was surprised by Arya's character, I think, was the in the last season when she slips off her clothes and sleeps with Gendry. I thought Arya was a lesbian, you know? So yeah… it was a surprise.” And it's not the only one that was surprised when the show aired at the time.

A scene that marked the fans

The intimacy scene between Arya and Gendry had caused a lot of noise among fans and more particularly on social networks. The reason ? GoT aficionados have followed Arya's development from age 12 to age 22. For many, she was asexual because motivated only by her revenge to take. For others, it was like a little sister that we see growing up. It is therefore difficult, in both cases, to take the nude scene in full frontal. Finally, the surprise was even stranger to take for Maisie Williams!