Game of Thrones: we finally know why the Bloodmoon spin-off was canceled


While House of the Dragon is shaping up to be epic, another Game of Thrones spin-off was about to see the light of day, Bloodmoon starring Naomi Watts in the leading role.

Only three years after the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones aired and while George R.R. Martin still hasn't finished writing the end of his saga, fans of the most popular series of the 2010s are about to find out House of the Dragon, the very first series derived from GOT.

If everyone, or almost, is impatient to discover this prequel which will retrace part of the history of the Targaryen dynasty and especially its fall, marked by the disappearance of the dragons, there were many other ideas before this adaptation ofFire and Blood. Indeed, as early as 2016 spin-off projects flooded in and a pilot was even filmed in 2018, that of Bloodmoon, whose story took place thousands of years before the events of GOT, and focused on the White Walkers, starring Naomi Watts in particular.

If we learned in 2019 the cancellation of the prequel by HBO, yet already well launched, the reasons for this change of program have since remained unknown. But The Hollywood Reporter magazine did its investigation and revealed several of the reasons that led to this surprising cancellation, especially when one reads the comments made by Francesca Orsi, one of the leaders of HBO:

“Bloodmoon really stood out with its unique new universe. rights induced by colonialism and religious extremism.”

Despite this ambition, Bloodmoon was not based on any novel and this is perhaps one of the main reasons which precipitated its cancellation. According to a source at The Hollywood Reporter: “Setting up a series that relied on pure invention and gave George R.R. Martin a hard time was sometimes disturbing.”

The article also reveals that the pilot cost between $30 and $35 million, yes you read that right, and that, oddly enough, George R.R. Martin himself never got to watch it. Showrunner Jane Goldman (who worked on the script for both Kingsman, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Childrenand others) would have been stunned to hear the news, she who had already brought together several screenwriters, and who seemed ready to hold the project. For Robert Greenblatt, former president of WarnerMedia, the cancellation has nothing to do with the quality of the pilot:

“It wasn't hard to watch or horrible or anything. It was very well produced and visually stunning. But the pilot didn't take me where the original series managed to take me. This pilot lacked the depth and richness that the original series pilot had.”

< p class="center" style="text-align: justify;">We now know that HBO decided to cancel the series, because Bloodmoon was too different from Game of Thrones and above all, that 'she wasn't as impactful (a priori). In the end, HBO fell back on House of the Dragon, a prequel less distant in time and which will offer similar stakes: love, betrayal, strategy and dragons.

Even if the hope of one day discovering this famous series disappears day by day, we count on the fans to put pressure on HBO and force them to broadcast this pilot which, after these statements, gives more and more desire. To discover House of the Dragon and if this change of course was worth it, go on August 22, 2022 on OCS for the first episode.


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