Gangs of London season 2: an angry trailer and a date for France

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LIonsgate+ has revealed an edgy trailer for season 2 of Gangs of London, the Gareth Evans series and a date for France.

Filmmaker who has become cult in the space of a few years, Gareth Evans demonstrated his incredible mastery with the very good The Raid then the exceptional The Raid 2: Berandal. The British director has established himself with his furious diptych as a credible successor to the immense John Woo. By the way, Gareth Evans draws a lot of inspiration from the Crime Syndicatesigned by the Hong Kong director for this famous The Raid 2.

Creator since of the series Gangs of London,Gareth Evans was pleased to use this same atmosphere again, the heavy one that overlooks the world of the underworld, this time in the heart of London. The first season offered its share of spectacular and bloody scenes, marked by the paw of Gareth Evans, director of several episodes. However, the director recently unveiled an ultra-violent first trailer for season 2 of Gangs of London. And the Lionsgate+ platform which broadcasts the program has just revealed a second nervous trailer, with a release date for France.

And these frenetic first images once again promise a riot of action and deathmatches, while the story will no doubt always focus on the Wallace clan and Elliot Finch. It is also the character embodied by Sope Dirisu who introduces the challenges of this season, during this trailer. At first glance, Elliot Finch desires revenge and wishes to become the lord of organized crime. To achieve its ends, only one solution, it is necessary to start a war. A war prepared with weapons in hand as shown by a few fleeting shots, but fierce in intent.

By the force of circumstances, The Raid had served as experimental theater for The Raid 2, giving Gareth Evans the opportunity to refine both his subject and his staging. Let's hope that it will be the same for season 2 of Gangs of London, that it will be even more accomplished and inventive than its elder. The season will consist of 8 episodes and will land on Lionsgate+ this December 4, 2022.

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