Gangs of London season 2: chaos settles in London in the ultra-violent trailer

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Gangs of London, the series created by Gareth Evans, finally unveils the trailer for its second season which promises to be more violent than ever.

Fans of action cinema have inevitably seen a certain The Raid, a film adored for its virtuoso staging and its more downright action moments breathless, and its sequel, The Raid 2: Berandal, which had nothing to envy to its predecessor. The man behind both films, Welsh filmmaker Gareth Evans, returned to the charge in 2020 with a thoroughly riveting work, the ultra-violent series Gangs of London.

< p style="text-align: justify;">Co-created with Matt Flannery, the cinematographer of The Raid, The Raid 2 and the Good Apostle, film directed by Evans in 2018, the first season of Gangs of Londonwas broadcast on the Starzplay platform in France. After two years of waiting, it's finally time to discover the trailer for season 2 which marks the return of Sope Dirisu as Elliot Finch. The watchword for this season 2? The fight.

After the deadly scuffles of season 1, London is in all its states. The Wallace family is scattered, the Dumanis are broken, and in it all, Elliot Finch must choose sides. Investors still rule the city and place their pawnsto restore order. Between new alliances and betrayals, this new season promises to be as chaotic as it is enjoyable.

As the trailer explicitly shows, it there will be blood, a lot of blood and for good reason, we are dealing here with a video prohibited for those under 18. Michelle Fairley still looks so badass as Marian Wallace, as does Asif Raza Mir as Asif Afridi. In other words, everyone looks pissed off and ready for a fight.

Between bladed and firearms and even helicopter assaults (you saw correctly), all shots will be allowed to quench their thirst for revenge. Paapa Essiedu is back, as are Narges Rashidi and Lucian Msamati. Thanks to these new images, everything suggests that these new episodes will live up to the 3 incredible scenes that prove the genius of Gangs of London.

Corin Hardy, the director of La Nonne, will direct several episodes, as will Nima Nourizadeh (< strong>Project X) and Marcela Said (Summer of the Flying Fish, Lupin). The new episodes of Gangs of London arrive November 17 on the AMC channel and most certainly on StarzPlay in France.

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