Gas Prices and Small Municipalities: What to Do?


  small municipalities: what to do?” />

In Thurso on Sunday, gas prices were $2.15 a liter.

< p class="e-p">The rise in the price of gasoline has been widely talked about across the country for the past few months. In Ontario, Premier Doug Ford reduced the gas tax by 5.7 cents per litre. In Quebec, municipalities in the MRC of Papineau are asking the provincial and federal governments to regulate fuel prices.

The mayors of these municipalities are thus trying to give a little air not only to their residents but also to the municipalities.

The price of fuel has a direct impact on their finances. For example, this could have the effect of increasing the cost of road repairs in the summer and snow removal in the winter, as explained by the mayor of Saint-André-Avellin, Jean-René Career.

It will have an indirect impact on the taxpayer, because either we will have to find surpluses, or we will have to increase taxes.

Diesel prices: what impacts for municipalities?

So far, Prime Minister François Legault has said he does not intend to touch the price of gasoline. He repeated it a few times, notably in March and May.

“Municipalities, we must have a balanced budget. There, it will be negative. We will have to find a surplus or pass the bill on to the taxpayers. »

— Jean-René Carrière, Mayor of Saint-André-Avellin

The price of gas is a concern for people in urban and rural areas. But Mr. Carrière raises an element that constitutes another problem for municipalities like his.

We don't have public transit and we have to get around. If it's an essential need, you have to go to other regions [or] to other municipalities.

Jean-René Carrière, Mayor of Saint -André-Avellin

He adds that citizens have already informed him of their decision to change their way of life.

The mayor continues to hope that the demands of the municipalities of Papineau and other towns and villages in Quebec will end up changing things with provincial and federal elected officials.

Interview with the mayor of Thurso and Warden of the MRC Papineau, Benoît Lauzon, on the show Sur le vive

In an interview on the show Sur le vive, on Monday, the mayor of Thurso and prefect of the MRC Papineau, Benoît Lauzon, estimated that the price of gasoline will be an issue in the next provincial election.

There is a resolution that was passed by the council of mayors, 25 municipalities. We know that we are heading towards an election campaign. I think the government will have to do something because it's going to be an election issue, that's official, he argued. I think the solution, they know it. The best solution for the government, I think, is on the level of taxes that the government should reduce.

With information from Fiona Collienne


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