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Gaza: a student policy of McGill University suspended by the Superior Court | Middle East, the eternal conflict

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The campus of McGill University, in Montreal. (Archive photo)

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The Superior Court of Quebec has issued an order temporarily preventing a McGill University student association from moving forward with a pro-Palestinian policy approved in a recent referendum.

The order states that the McGill University Student Association (MSSA) has agreed not to ratify or implement its Policy Against Genocide in Palestine until the ;case returns to court in March.

McGill students voted 78.7 percent this month in favor of the policy, which calls on the school's administration to condemn what it calls a genocidal bombing campaign in the Gaza Strip and cut ties with any company, institution or individual complicit in genocide, colonialism, apartheid or ethnic cleansing against Palestinians.

The policy was part of a series of measures included in the student association's fall referendum that ended Monday, with a turnout of 35, 1%.

An anonymous Jewish McGill student went to court to challenge the policy, which she described in court documents as hate literature that violates the student association's constitution and policies on anti-Semitism and equity.

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Documents indicate the student asked to remain anonymous because she received threats on social networks for denouncing this policy. The atmosphere on the McGill campus became tense and frightening for Jewish students, court documents say.

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Around 500 people took part in the demonstration which took place in Montreal, from the campus of McGill University, on November 9. (File photo)

As a Jewish student, the plaintiff fears for her personal safety at McGill University, may -we also read.

The plaintiff wants the policy permanently canceled and is seeking $125,000 in damages. His lawyer clarified during a telephone interview that the request for damages would be heard at a later date.

The McGill University Student Association indicated in a written statement that it agreed to suspend ratification of the policy, but #x27;she planned to fight the attempt to have it permanently removed.

Lawyer Rémi Bourget indicated that the student group also plans to contest the complainant's request for anonymity.

For nothing To miss the latest developments in this conflict, follow our live coverage.

Jewish advocacy group B'nai Brith Canada applauded the court order, but called out McGill University to do more to defend its Jewish students and hold the student association accountable.

It is sad that a student had to go to court to get justice on this issue, because the university failed to repeatedly to hold its student associations responsible for having broken their own rules, argued its president and CEO, Michael Mostyn, in a press release.

Of course, we welcome the court's decision to suspend the referendum until a final decision can be made, but McGill does not need to wait until then to make the decision. good decision, he added.

McGill University said in a statement that it believed the proposed policy , if passed, would deepen divisions in our community at a time when many students are already distressed.

School administrators also believe that adopting this policy would put the student body in violation of its own constitution – which includes taking action in the best interests of its members as a whole – and its memorandum of understanding with McGill University.

We have written to the president of (the association) to explain the consequences of the adoption of this policy, said the institution, without providing further details.

The court order comes amid ongoing tensions over the war between Israel and Hamas, which began after militants killed around 1,200 people in Israel on October 7. Israel launched a retaliatory campaign that, according to Gaza health authorities, has cost more than 12,700 lives.

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