Geiss niece wants to help Laura with an advertising deal – People

Geiss niece wants to help Laura with an advertising deal – People

Geiss niece wants to help Laura with an advertising deal – People

Wendler manager Markus Krampe (44) has not only ended the collaboration with the short-term DSDS juror, but is now also dropping Laura (20). Another career setback for the influencer, who lost a bunch of advertising partners herself after her husband’s absurd corona statements.

As the “Bild” newspaper reports, Laura is now receiving unexpected assistance from Vivien Geiss (18), the niece of TV millionaire Robert Geiss. She finds it sad that the 20-year-old is being punished for what her husband said. “Laura and I are almost the same age. She is as young as I am, has her life ahead of her and has built something up as an influencer. I don’t know her personally, but I am convinced that we would get along. Because she but Michael Wendler’s wife is, her advertising partners jumped out in rows. That’s why I would like to give her the chance to stand on her own two feet so as not to be dependent on Michael, “she explains to the newspaper.

“Why shouldn’t I give her a second chance?”

The fact that Michael Wendler recently broke a deal with her fashion label Uncle Sam is no obstacle for her to work with the 20-year-old anyway. “Why shouldn’t I give her a second chance? She can’t help her partner’s views. She got involved in this through no fault of her own. In the end, we’re glad that Michael Wendler expressed his opinions before he publicly announced his advertising partner for us Apparition came. But of course he did not fulfill his contract and we are now demanding the money back. ”

The Geissens already had trouble with Laura

Incidentally, the Geiss already had their problems with Laura: She also signed a testimonial contract for Uncle Sam. “The contract stipulated that they should wear the Uncle Sam outfits for DSDS and various documentaries. Michael was wearing the clothes at DSDS, but Laura wasn’t.” Nevertheless, Vivien wants to give her a chance: “She has really built something up with over 600,000 followers and has hardly had any advertising deals for months.”

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