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Gen V: do we skip or watch the spin-off of The Boys?

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The protagonists of Sex Education are not the only ones to have returned to school. Starting today, Vought International's future recruits are making their debut with Gen V, the spin-off of The Boys. But it promises to be much bloodier…

While season 4 of The Boysis long overdue, much to the dismay of fans, Prime Video is kind enough to give us a bone to gnaw on. Thus, the first three episodes of Gen V have just landed on the platform. This spin-off which smells of adolescence has something to seduce spectators on paper. But what is it really? Should we ignore Gen V or, on the contrary, not miss this rare gem? We'll give you our opinion on the spin-off of The Boys without further ado.

We know it… When a series works, the platforms like to serve it to us in every way. And too bad for the indigestion. This is the major problem of the most popular series. We are torn between a desire to always have more and that of not falling into excess.

Little sister of The Boys, what will be the fate of Gen V ? This new series adapts an arc from the comics that inspired Eric Kripke's series. The luckiest young superheroes join Godolkin University to try to join the Seven, if they are gifted enough, or to pursue a media career. The establishment is run by Vought International and the students are therefore the cream of the crop.

Gen V, worthy heir of The Boys

For the synopsis, the series invites us to follow Marie Moreau, a young woman capable of controlling her blood and turning it into a formidable weapon. Full of ambition, she joins Godolkin University to hope to fight alongside the best superheroes and mend things with her sister. But the establishment is ultra-competitive and it will have to succeed in proving itself to teachers but also to students with exceptional abilities. When an incident occurs, she finds herself in the spotlight and quickly becomes the talk of the university. But at what cost?

Godolkin University holds its share of secrets and a small group of students will pay the price. Many mysteries surround the ultra-prestigious establishment and danger is never far away. The dean of the university has a way of making us uncomfortable, and she's not the only one. Something is brewing…

Good news: Gen V succeeds in using the ingredients that made The Boys successfuland makes no mistakes. If it is not better than the original series, this spin-off lives up to what we expected. We find the raw humor and violence that characterize the series featuring Butcher and his gang.

The first three episodes of Gen V can be enjoyed with joy! We follow them one after the other and at each end credits, we can't wait to find out what happens next. The spin-off succeeds in keeping us in suspense with a thrilling plot but also with characters to whom we become attached enough to want to know more about them. Who says new characters also says new powers to discover. And we love that. The turn is played for the spin-off of The Boys. All we have to do now is see if the next 5 episodes will live up to these first three.

In any case, one thing is certain: if you liked The Boys and you can't wait to rediscover the series, Gen V is to be devoured without further delay. You will find the crazy and bloody universe of the series which has excited many fans since 2019.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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