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Gen V: everything you need to know about The Boys spin-off

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Among the most anticipated series of 2023, Gen V is definitely at the top of our list. If you want to find completely crazy superheroes, this new series should meet your expectations and become a favorite.

Tic tac… It's almost time to return to the wacky and violent universe of The Boys. While students are currently returning to school or university, this is also the case for the protagonists of this new series. Without further ado, let’s go back to everything we know about Gen V on Prime Video. Here are 3 things to remember before the release of Gen V.

What synopsis for Gen V?

In Gen V, we follow somewhat unusual students who are entering Godolkin University, a university dedicated to people with superpowers. Obviously, the establishment is very prestigious and just as competitive. Among these students are the future of Vought International. Enough to leave a taste of Hunger Games in Gen V.

Except that when you're young and you enter such a competitive superhero school, you're put to the test. Thus, the physical resistance, hormones and limits of these recruits are tested on a daily basis. For better and for worse. The Gen V trailer is clear: it's going to bleed. Sensitive souls refrain.

Are the Gen V and The Boys series linked?

If the Gen V series promises to be so bloody, it is also because it is a spin-off of The Boys. This series in question has made hemoglobin galore its trademark. Gen Vthus claims its heritage and intends to captivate spectators like its big sister. This spin-off will allow The Boys aficionados to have something to sink their teeth into while waiting for the release of season 4.

As a reminder, The Boysis inspired by a comic book series of the same name written by Garth Ennis. For its part, Gen V is not based on a comic book strictly speaking. However, the spin-off is based on a narrative arc from the comicsThe Boys, introducing the G-Men. These young recruits are destined to join the famous Seven, Godolkin University being managed by Vought International. In the comics, the G-Men are very reminiscent of the X-Men and, thus, Gen V could be reminiscent of The New Mutants. But better.

As a result, Gen V and The Boys are two closely related series. Before discovering Gen V, it is probably better to have already seen all three seasons of The Boys. They are available on Prime Video now.

What release date for Gen V&nbsp ;?

It's almost time for back to school at Godolkin University. Grab your backpack and your powers, Gen V is coming September 29, 2023 on Prime Video. Three episodes will be broadcast this Friday before giving way to one episode per week. The series finale is set for November 3.

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