Georgia runoff puts pressure on Trump to delay his 2024 candidacy announcement

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Georgia runoff puts pressure on Trump to delay his 2024 candidacy announcement

The composition and with it the Control of the two Houses of the United States Congress is still up in the air two days after the mid-term legislative elections and the counting of the votes continues. The Republicans continue to advance towards what aims to be a minimal but sufficient majority in the Lower House, boosted especially in the last hours by confirmed victories in several races in New York. The fight for the Senate, meanwhile, is focused on three states, and with the possibility that Nevada and Arizona are divided between Republicans and Democrats, leaving the former with 50 seats and the the second with 49. The eyes, more money and the strategy of the two parties are beginning to turn towards Georgia.

How did it happen? In the 2020 presidential elections, control of the upper house in the southern state can be decided again in a second round, given that neither the Democrat Raphael Warnock< Neither the Republican Herschel Walker reached 50% of the vote at the polls in a vote where a third candidate won. 81,000 votes. The appointment is December 6e. And how did it happen? also on the last occasion, the figure ofDonald Trump is once again centralin this race.

With the former president for the moment still determined to make a “big announcement” on Tuesday 15, which is taken for granted that it will be Following the formalization of his decision to be a presidential candidate again in 2024, many in the Republican Party fear that he will be a central element in the decision of the voters. And they don't see it as a good omen for the chances of Walker, a controversial candidate whom Trump has endorsed, given that the last midterms have been interpreted as a fairly general rejection of the extremism of the former president, with many of the more radical candidates he had supported being defeated.

In Georgia, moreover, the Republicans rejected five of the seven candidates backed by Trump in the primaries. being investigated in the state for the pressure on his leaders with electoral responsibilities to reverse the legitimate results of 2020.

Already in public, Republican voices and advisers to the former president urge him to delay the announcement2024 bid until after Georgia's second round. Jason Miller, a prominent figure in the political circle closest to the former president, did it this Thursday on television. And so has a Republican strategist in Georgia, Brian Robinson. “For everyone who is thinking about 2024, it is probably better to do it after the 2022 cycle, which is not over yet”, he recalled.

A controversial candidate 

Walker, a former soccer player An American football player and friend of Trump, he has already proven himself a problematic candidate. Become the embodiment of many negative stereotypes about black men, including absent father and “not smart” (something he said of himself), he was also damaged in the campaign by the news that He called on two brides to interrupt their pregnancies, while his public position was against abortion.

The shortcomings and problems of his candidacy were showed in their results, well below those of gGovernor Brian Kemp, another Republican who does. got it re-election comfortably. And that difference in support confirms that many conservative voters who do. supported Kemp held back from giving their vote to Walker.

Now the Republicans urge the governor, who did not participate. In any campaign act of the aspiring senator, to support him publicly and, especially, to give him the support of his consolidated and effective organization on the ground. Walker will also receive the support of figures from the Republican Party such as Senator Ted Cruz, the first to travel to Georgia to participate in an act with him heading to the second round. But his friendship with Trump, which before Tuesday prevented & gué; If you visit most of the swing states, you're going to be put to the test.

Warnock and Biden 

to Georgia during the campaign President Joe Biden, whose low popularity ratings were seen as a possible drag on Democratic candidates but who have been given some breathing room by Tuesday's results. what is to see is if he will look for Democrat Warnock, who succeeded in winning his presence. He voted for his seat in the 2020 Senate special election that ended. deciding on January 5, 2021, on the eve of the assault on the Capitol.

In that race the Democrat benefited from Trump's support for his rival , who embraced & oacute; The conspiracy theories about a non-existent electoral fraud and it was willing to challenge the results. It also didn't hurt Warnock that by encouraging the “big lie” Trump discouraged many Republicans, who chose not to vote.

At the moment the Democratic senator, reverend in the church where Martin Luther King was, relaunched this Thursday his campaign according to the committee. dedicated to the election of Democrats in the Senate announced an investment of another seven million dollars in his race. The focus will be the defense ofeconomic and social plans such as the expansion of public health for lower-income residents, but also the attack on Walker as “completely unqualified&rdquor ; for the position.